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Pushcam Services in Tacoma, WA

Insta-Pipe - Pushcam

Prior to the invention of modern camera technology, the best way to deal with potential pipe issues was to dig up the pipe and inspect it in-person. That’s certainly possible in some cases, but not in every case. Modern technicians don’t bother exhuming pipes just to diagnose problems in most cases. Instead, they make use of CCTV technology to examine pipes from the inside.

Insta-Pipe offers pushcam services throughout Tacoma, WA. Our expert technicians can find even the smallest of issues in your sewer lines, pinpoint them, and repair them, all without digging up your pipes. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

Once again you show incredible professionalism and great service to your clients. Admired and appreciated. - Brad E. - Seattle, WA

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How Pushcam Inspections Work

A pushcam inspection involves pushing a CCTV camera into the line, which is attached to a long cord. The camera takes a live feed of the inside of the pipe, sending it back to the operator. Once the inspection has been completed, the camera is simply withdrawn back up through the system. It’s quick, easy, and not invasive. Pushcam inspections are a common part of our drain and sewer maintenance services, as they’re the simplest way to pinpoint the location of pipe issues in most cases.

The Benefits of Pushcam Inspections

As we’ve mentioned already, no one in this day and age wants to have part or all of their sewer line dug up just to find the problem. That’s sometimes necessary for fixing a problem, but if it’s at all possible to avoid it, then it’s worth it. That’s why pushcam inspections are such a huge benefit.

Pushcam inspections have the advantage over non–internal camera inspections in several ways:

  • Cost: Running a small camera through the pipes is a whole lot less expensive than using a backhoe to dig a trench through the middle of your yard.
  • Time: A pushcam inspection typically takes less than an hour, as opposed to a day or more for more invasive techniques like exhumation.
  • Efficiency: Even physically examining the pipes from the outside will not necessarily render a diagnosis with the same accuracy as viewing the pipe from the inside. Plenty of issues manifest warning signs inside the pipes first.
  • Transparency: All customers receive a copy of their pushcam video, once it is reviewed.

Pushcam inspections allow you to identify issues with the line, pinpoint their location, and plan out repair steps in a reasonably short amount of time. There’s no reason not to use this service, if you want to keep your line in good condition.

Let Us Keep an Eye on Your Sewer Line

It’s unfortunately too easy to let your sewer line degrade into hideous condition, which is why you need to really be on top of your maintenance services. Pushcam inspections are an integral part of those maintenance services, which is why we take great care in providing them. Insta-Pipe can take care of all of your pushcam inspection needs. Whether you suspect that something is already wrong with your sewer line, or you’re just taking steps to keep your system in good shape, we can take care of it for you.

It’s important to remember, though, that this kind of inspection only benefits you in the long term if you schedule it consistently. So, make sure that you schedule pushcam inspections for your sewer line at least once every year or two. New problems can creep up on you, if you’re not careful, so let our professional technicians keep an eye on the system. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Remember our slogan: Trust, Quality, Solutions.