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Locating Services in Tacoma, WA

Insta-Pipe - Locating

One of the biggest issues with diagnosing and repairing pipe problems is finding them in the first place. The vast majority of the time, most of the system is hidden from view. Digging the pipes up is expensive and time consuming, so that’s only done if there’s no other option. If you’re looking for a way to diagnose a problem with your pipes, what you need is a sonde.

Insta-Pipe offers sonde locating services throughout Tacoma, WA. If you need pipe locating services, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. We’ll make sure that you get the right diagnosis for your pipes, so that the proper solution can be applied.

I want to let you know that Brett, the contact on the jobsite, was phenomenal to work with, even from a couple thousand miles away. - Max

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What Sonde Locating Is, and How it Works

In order to get around the standard obstacles to rendering the right pipe analysis, we use sonde locating. A sonde is a small device in the shape of a pill, roughly the size of your palm. The sonde is inserted into the pipe by a long cord, and is pushed along it. While the sonde is operating, it generates an electromagnetic field that can be picked up by equipment on the surface.

By measuring the strength of this field, the operator can trace the path of the sonde until it runs into the pipe blockage or other issue. Sondes are often used as supplementary devices on camera inspection systems, to allow a more complete read of the situation. Sondes of various sizes can be used to project a larger electromagnetic field, making them easier to locate when used in deeper pipes.

Advantages of Sonde Locating

There are plenty of times that you’re going to want to pinpoint the exact location of a blockage, leak or other issue. If you want to actually solve the problem, that is. Camera inspections are all well and good on their own, but if you can’t mark the spot above the problem that you need to fix, it can be difficult finding where you are supposed to actually implement the solution. Sonde location makes it much easier to tell exactly where the issue is, so that you can plan out your repair steps accordingly.

We Offer a Full Range of Locating Services

As part of our comprehensive locating services, we include sonde location to make sure we have a good handle on the situation. We can measure the entire path of your pipes for you, from beginning to end, so you know that we won’t miss a thing. If you have a problem with one of your pipes, you should schedule locating services right away.

Even if you don’t notice anything concerning, though, it’s still a good idea to schedule locating services at least once every couple of years. Better safe than sorry, after all. If you need locating services, we are here to meet your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians. No matter what kind of state your pipe is in, we will find the perfect solution for it.