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Trenchless Pipe Services, Pipe Bursting, & CIPP Services in Seattle, WA

You may not think it matters much how a water or sewer line gets repaired or replaced, just as long as it gets done. You’ll sing a different tune after you know the differences between trenchless technology and other methods, though. Without trenchless technology, the only way to get to your subterranean pipes to fix or replace them is to dig them up. And if you live in the Seattle, WA area, you know how difficult this may be. 

That means digging a huge trench through your property, which will later need to be filled in. This costs a lot of time and money, not to mention the loss of aesthetic appeal for your property. With trenchless technology, though, you can have those pipes taken care of without all the additional cost and damage. Insta-Pipe offers trenchless services throughout Seattle, WA.

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Trenchless Technology in Seattle

Not all trenchless methods are the same. Each has its own unique set of benefits to offer, and each is suited to a slightly different situation. Pipe bursting is used to lay entirely new pipe while destroying the previous one (though not necessarily removing it). CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) lining actually creates an entirely new pipe out of resin inside the original pipe. No matter what your water and sewer line needs are, we can find a trenchless solution for them.

Trenchless Pipe Repair 

As trenchless pipe repair services continue to rise in popularity, more and more options become available. We offer a wide range of different trenchless pipe repair services, including CIPP and slip lining. CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) uses a resin and fiberglass mixture to create a new pipe in place of the old one, or to cover a specific problem area. Slip lining, meanwhile, uses a flexible carrier pipe to insulate a pipe from problems. No matter what state your water or sewer line is in, Insta-Pipe can restore it to proper operating condition for you.for sewer repair in Seattle, contact us today.

CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) Services

CIPP is a fairly new technique in the world of trenchless pipe repairs, especially in the Seattle, WA region. This method involves pouring a special type of resin, containing mostly fiberglass, into an applicator tube. The tube can be as long as an entire pipe, or as short as it needs to be to apply to a specific section. The applicator then applies the resin to the pipe walls. Once the resin has dried, a process that takes a few hours, the applicator is removed. This leaves a hard, solid pipe made of the resin inside the previous pipe.

Our Technicians Offer CIPP Lining & CIPP Point Repairs

CIPP can be used for both lining and point repairs. All that really changes is how much resin is applied to the pipes. Once dry, the resin effectively seals the pipe against further leaks and other issues. The applicator is then removed, and the pipe can be reconnected to the system. We offer a full range of CIPP lining and point repair services in Seattle, WA and beyond. Insta-Pipe is located outside of Seattle, in Tumwater, WA, and we are more than happy to help you with your CIPP needs. 

Let Us Take Care of Your Pipe Bursting Needs

Pipe bursting is the best way to both remove an old pipe and replace it at the same time. A powerful motor pushes an expander head down the old pipe, breaking it apart in the process. As the expander head moves through the old pipe, it lays the new pipe along behind it. Once the process is complete, the new pipe can be connected to the system right away without needing to remove the pieces of the old one. We offer comprehensive pipe bursting services.

We Can Provide Slip Lining for Pipes & Culverts

Sometimes, it’s better to shore up your current pipe than it is to replace it entirely. That’s what slip lining is for. Slip lining involves inserting a flexible hose into the preexisting pipe. This lining is sometimes referred to as a "carrier pipe." Once the lining is all the way through the pipe, it’s inflated so that it is flush with the walls. This serves as extra protection against issues like leaks and tree roots. We provide comprehensive slip lining service for pipes and culverts in Seattle, WA.

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