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Trenchless Pipe Services, Pipe Bursting, & CIPP Services in Lakewood, WA

For many years, the only way to effectively repair or replace water and sewer lines was to completely dig them up. This meant using a backhoe to dig a large trench along the length of the pipe, causing extensive damage to the surrounding area. This method was slow and costly to implement. Fortunately, the advent of trenchless technology changed that for the better. Trenchless pipe solutions allow you to repair or replace your water and sewer pipes without having to dig up a large portion of your property. Insta-Pipe offers trenchless pipe services of all kinds throughout Lakewood, WA. Contact us today to schedule an appointment

The Benefits of Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology is a wide field, with a variety of different methods used for both repair and replacement. CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) uses a resin mixture to mold a new pipe inside the old one, or to affect spot repairs. Slip lining insulates the pipe, protecting against leaks and tree roots in the process. If the pipe is too far gone to repair, pipe bursting can both install the new one and take the old one out of service without removing it. We provide comprehensive trenchless technology solutions.

We’ll Handle Your Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless pipe repair is ideal for keeping your water and sewer lines in the best possible shape. Rather than pulling the whole thing out of the ground to fix it, the repair solution can be directly applied to the pipe while it’s still in place. CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) can accomplish this by molding resin to fill in leaks. Slip lining uses a smaller pipe to supplement the main pipe. No matter what type of pipe service you need, we can take care of it for you. Contact us for all your pipe and sewer repair needs. 

CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) Services are Available

CIPP solutions involve injecting resin into the pipe. The resin can be applied to the full length of the pipe, or just to individual areas that need the most extensive help. Once the resin hardens, it forms a protective shell that is resistant to both tree roots and corrosion. CIPP is a great way to keep your pipes in good shape, and can extend their effective lifespan by a number of years. We provide a full range of CIPP services in Lakewood, WA and the surrounding areas.

Call Us for CIPP Lining & CIPP Point Repairs

As we mentioned above, CIPP is a method of injecting a resin fiberglass mixture into the pipes without digging them up. The resin hardens to further insulate the pipe from leaks and other issues that could compromise its structural integrity. Whether or not the resin is applied to a single point or the entire pipe depends on the needs of the homeowner.

We can Meet Your Pipe Bursting Needs

Sometimes, removing old pipes that don’t pull their weight anymore is more trouble than it’s worth. For times like those, you can make use of pipe bursting. Pipe bursting involves pushing a large expander head through the pipe, forcing it apart or breaking it into pieces, depending on what it’s made of. At the same time, the expander head lines the new pipe along behind it. This allows you to accomplish both the removal and the replacement of the pipe in a single action.

If You Need Slip Lining for Pipes & Culverts, Give Us a Call

Sometimes, you don’t need to replace the pipe, but you need to go a bit beyond spot repair. For times like that, the best thing to do is to use slip lining. Slip lining involves inserting a smaller carrier pipe into the main host pipe. The carrier pipe is what actually directs the flow of water through it, while the host pipe provides an extra layer of defense against leaks or tree roots. Insta-Pipe provides slip lining services for pipes and culverts throughout Lakewood, WA.