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Trenchless Pipe Services, Pipe Bursting, & CIPP Services in Lacey, WA

If you’ve ever had to replace a water or sewer line without trenchless technology, then you know how much of a nightmare it can be. Replacing the pipe in the more traditional fashion involves digging a large trench along the length of the section. This costs a lot of time and money, in addition to causing quite a bit of damage to the surrounding landscape.

The best alternative to this method is to take advantage of trenchless technology. With trenchless methods, you can have your pipes repaired or replaced much faster and without the collateral damage. Insta-Pipe offers comprehensive trenchless services in Lacey, WA.

Let Our Trenchless Technology Help You

Originally used as a type of mining technique, trenchless technology has exploded in popularity for plumbing work. For repair and replacement needs, no method offers better options than trenchless ones do. Trenchless technology typically involves digging two small holes at either end of the pipe that needs servicing. The replacement or repair solution can then be implemented without fully digging up the pipe, after which point the holes are filled in. If you need trenchless services of any kind, call us today.

Don’t Hesitate to Call Us for Trenchless Pipe Repair

There are a variety of ways to repair a pipe with trenchless technology. One of the most common ways is to use CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) which uses resin to patch any holes in the line. Slip lining is another popular method, which involves slipping a smaller pipe into the larger one in order to insulate it. Which solution is used will, of course, depend on the individual situation. No matter what your situation is, though, we can help you out.

Our CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) Services are the Best

CIPP solutions involve using an applicator to inject a resin mixture into the pipe. This can be used for either spot repairs, or for sheathing the entire inside of the pipe. Once the resin is applied, it hardens into a sturdy and resistant new pipe section. This is a quick and easy way to patch up pipe issues, as well as protect the pipe from further problems in the future. Insta-Pipe offers both point repair and pipe lining services for CIPP.

CIPP Lining & CIPP Point Repair Services are Available

CIPP lining and point repair is done more or less the same way. Resin is poured onto a special sheet, which is then rolled up to make a mold. The mold is then inserted into the pipe to apply the resin. The sheet is then removed, and the resin dries to form the new pipe. This is an excellent way to affect pipe repairs without digging it up.

If You Need Pipe Bursting, We can Help

If your pipe is too far gone to keep using it, but it’s not worth the effort to dig it up, pipe bursting is a good solution. Pipe bursting involves pushing an expander head down the old pipe, dragging the new pipe behind it. The expander head breaks apart the old pipe, and forces it out of the way for the new pipe. Once the expander head has finished breaking up the old pipe, the new one will already be in place and ready to be used.

We Provide Slip Lining for All Pipes & Culverts

Just because a pipe has suffered some damage, that does not necessarily mean that you have to replace it. Slip lining is a way to reinforce your pipe without resorting to more extreme repair or replacement measures. A small carrier pipe is run through the preexisting pipe, called the host pipe. All water or waste from then on will flow through the carrier pipe, with the host pipe acting as additional protection against leaks. We offer slip lining services for pipes and culverts in Lacey, WA.