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UV Cure Services in the Pacific Northwest

Insta-Pipe - UV Cure

The differences in the various CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) solutions on the market largely boil down to the composition of the mixture, and the method used to actually cure the epoxy. The most common methods use hot water or steam, which is all well and good. However, that’s not the only method available. Insta-Pipe offers comprehensive UV cure CIPP services throughout Washington & Oregon and the surrounding area. If you think UV cure CIPP is right for you, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our expert technicians can answer all of your questions, and ensure that you get the best solution for your CIPP needs.

What about HammerHead Bluelight?

The HammerHead Bluelight system is up to 5x faster than standard ambient cure systems, and Insta-Pipe is the only company in the region with access to HammerHead. If you would like to know more, you can speak with one of our experts who would be more than happy to help, or you can learn more on the HammerHead website by clicking here.

Thank you both and your crew for the work. I met a number of your crew and they were all unfailingly polite and enthusiastic about their work.. - Steve M. - Seattle, WA

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What Is UV Cure for CIPP?

As we mentioned above, the primary method for curing the epoxy in CIPP solutions is to use hot water or steam. UV cure CIPP, as you might have guessed, uses ultraviolet light. In other CIPP application techniques, the epoxy is mixed and poured into an applicator. The applicator is then turned inside out in the pipe to apply resin to the walls. Once the resin epoxy has dried and hardened, the applicator tube is removed. With UV cure CIPP, it works a bit differently.

UV cure CIPP uses an epoxy that encased in two layers of an applicator, instead of one. The applicator is inserted into the line, much like a slip liner, and then inflated to fill the pipe. The epoxy housed in between the inner and outer layers of the applicator is still liquid at this point. Once the applicator is in place, the UV train is lowered into the pipe. This is essentially a group of UV lights on wheels. The UV train moves through the pipe, subjecting the epoxy inside the liner to ultraviolet rays in order to cure it. Once that process is complete, the inner part of the liner is cut away to expose the now–dry epoxy shell.

The Unique Ways UV Cure can Help Your Line

UV cure CIPP offers a number of unique advantages. For one thing, it’s stronger and thinner than the standard CIPP. This means less restriction of flow through the pipe after installation, as well as greater resilience to issues. In fact, the liner has been known to actually increase flow capacity in some pipes.

UV CIPP has quite a bit to recommend it, assuming you have a pipe that needs something with that high level of quality. Like all CIPP solutions, UV cure CIPP is not something that can be applied to every pipe. You’ll need to talk to a professional about whether or not UV cure CIPP is really right for your needs.

Insta-Pipe Offers Full UV Cure Service

It can be tough finding a contractor that actually provides this kind of CIPP service. UV CIPP has the potential to become quite a bit trickier than other methods during installation, which is why you should find a contractor you trust. Insta-Pipe offers comprehensive UV cure CIPP services. If you need UV cure CIPP, we’re the contractor to see. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.