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Mainline CIPP in the Pacific Northwest

Insta-Pipe - Mainline (CIPP)

The mainline is not the only pipe you need to worry about when it comes to your sewer system, but it is arguably the most important. If the mainline is in poor condition, it will have ripple effects throughout the system. So, protecting and repairing the mainline is a top priority.

One of the best ways to do that is with CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe). CIPP adds an entirely new layer inside the pipe, one that can extend its lifespan and protect it from all kinds of problems. Insta-Pipe offers comprehensive mainline CIPP services throughout Washington & Oregon. If you need help with your mainline, contact us today for an appointment.

What about HammerHead Bluelight?

The HammerHead Bluelight system is up to 5x faster than standard ambient cure systems, and Insta-Pipe is the only company in the region with access to HammerHead. If you would like to know more, you can speak with one of our experts who would be more than happy to help, or you can learn more on the HammerHead website by clicking here.

I wanted to just say how much we appreciate the men that came here and finished up the sewer line. They were just awesome guys, they were very communicative and - Bruce & Cathay W. - Olympia, WA

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The CIPP Process

The CIPP process is both simple and brilliant. First, an epoxy composed of resin and fiberglass is mixed. Next, the epoxy is injected into an applicator tube. This tube is then forced down into the pipe, turning inside out as it moves. The action of the applicator turning inside out applies the epoxy evenly to the walls of the pipe, and keeps it there. After a few hours, the epoxy will harden into a tough shell lining the pipe. The applicator is then removed, and the pipe can be put back into service.

Advantages of CIPP

There are all kinds of problems that can afflict mainlines, from corrosion, to leaks, cracks, tree roots, etc. You could replace the entire pipe if you have a lot of these little issues, but in many cases that would just be a waste. Instead, you can line the entire mainline in CIPP at once. This takes care of the problems, and makes it less likely for them to occur in the future. No matter what happens to the outer shell pipe of the mainline, the CIPP on the inside is corrosion and leak resistant. The lining will often outlive the mainline itself, due to its higher durability.

Lest you think that CIPP is only good for lining the entire pipe, though, the same technique can be used for spot repairs. In order to accomplish that, a smaller applicator is used to ferry the epoxy to the exact spot where it needs to be applied. The applicator is then inflated with an air bladder, and applies the epoxy to that single area. This kind of spot repair is excellent if you’re looking for a trenchless solution, but don’t want to go overboard with lining an entire pipe that doesn’t need it.

We can Protect Your Mainline

Though mainlines have a lot of potential problems to deal with, there are just as many possible solutions that can be used to repair and protect them. CIPP is one of the best solutions invented for mainline repair and replacement over the last several decades. It’s cheap, effective, and fairly quick. Much quicker, in any case, than digging up the entire pipe. Insta-Pipe offers a full range of mainline CIPP services. Contact us today for an appointment with one of our technicians.