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Laterals in the Pacific Northwest

Insta-Pipe - Laterals

A lot of pipe repair and replacement services tend to focus on mainlines, especially for CIPP. Lateral lines need repair and replacement just as much as mainlines do, though. Fortunately, CIPP techniques can be applied to lateral lines, as well. All that’s needed to properly apply CIPP to lateral lines is to slightly alter the process.

Insta-Pipe offers comprehensive CIPP services for lateral lines in the Pacific Northwest. If you need lateral CIPP services of any kind, don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure that your lateral branch lines are just as well-protected as any other part of your system.

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Lateral CIPP Services

For lateral CIPP work, the process is more or less the same as when treating the mainline. The only difference is that, because the size of the pipe is smaller, the applicator must be sized to match. Other than that, the CIPP part of the process is more or less the same as if the entire mainline were being lined.

A resin epoxy is mixed and poured into the applicator, which is then inserted into the line. Once the applicator is in place, it is expanded to fit the line using an inflatable bladder. This ensures that the resin is applied evenly to the walls of the pipe, and that it holds the proper shape. After 4–6 hours, the epoxy has dried and the applicator is removed. This leaves a hard shell behind, one that is resistant to both leaks and corrosion.

When to Use Lateral CIPP

Lateral CIPP is useful for any homeowner that wants to make sure that their lateral branch lines are properly protected. Leaks, tree root damage, cracks, corrosion, and all kinds of other issues are common for lateral lines, just as they are for the mainline. So, if you have a problem or three in one of your lateral lines that you’d like taken care of, CIPP is a great way to do it.

It’s not the kind of thing that you might need for literally all of your sewer pipes, but it’s something to consider when you know you have an especially rampant or chronic problem. If you’re not really sure whether or not you could benefit from using lateral CIPP, ask a professional you trust. They’ll be able to examine your pipes, and decide whether or not it would be cost–effective to use the method.

We Provide Lateral CIPP Services of All Kinds

Lateral branch lines often get neglected in the rush to prioritize the maintenance and protection of the mainline. However, if you’re reading this page, you know how important lateral lines are to maintaining the overall health of the system. That’s why Insta-Pipe provides a full range of lateral CIPP services throughout the Pacific Northwest. We know that if your lateral pipes are in good shape, chances are the rest of your system is too. If you’d like to know more about lateral CIPP, or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today.