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The Advantages of Cured In-Place Pipe Repairs

pipe-repairRepairing a problem with your pipes is never as easy as it should be, especially if the issue is located under multiple feet of soil or concrete. However, there’s no need to dig everything up just to fix a leak or rupture. If you have a pipe on your property that’s in need of repairs, you should have a look below for some of the advantages of the Cured In-Place Pipe (CIPP) method.

CIPP Procedure

CIPP is a type of trenchless pipe repair method, designed to restore your pipes to proper operating condition with as little fuss as possible. The technique involves mixing up a kind of resin epoxy, then wrapping it in an applicator. The applicator tube is then inserted into the pipe at the point where it needs repairs, and is slowly rolled inside out. As the tube rolls inside out, it will apply the epoxy to the pipe walls. After 6-8 hours of cure time, the applicator is removed and leaves a sturdy shell in its place. This shell not only repairs the leak in the pipe, but protects the inside of the pipe from further issues. The CIPP method can be applied to an entire pipe, or to a specific point that needs repair.

Advantages of CIPP

So, why would you want to have CIPP done instead of some other method of pipe repair? Well, there are a number of different reasons to prefer using CIPP. For one, practically any trenchless pipe repair or replacement technique is going to be more cost effective than other options. Trenchless pipe repair means you don’t have to dig up the entire pipe to repair it, which saves you money and time. CIPP, though, has more to recommend it than simply the usual trenchless advantages.

CIPP epoxy is long-lasting, easy to apply, and can deal with all kinds of pipe issues. Even if you have a large pipe rupture that needs to be filled in, CIPP can often take care of it for you. Once in place, the shell created by the epoxy can last for many years. You won’t have to worry about constantly repairing the shell. It’s not something that can be applied to every single pipe issue, but on the many issues where it is applicable it can save you a lot of money and frustration.

When to Use CIPP

When and how to use CIPP is honestly up to the pipe technician you have taking care of your system. However, you should still know when to call for pipe repairs in the first place. Dropping water pressure throughout your house could indicate a problem with your water line, like a large leak. Steadily rising water bills are another warning sign, especially when you aren’t actually using any more water than you normally do.

Insta Pipe offers a full range of cured in-place pipe services throughout Tacoma, WA. If you need CIPP services, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians.  

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