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What Is Trenchless Rehabilitation?

question-mark-badgeThe word rehabilitation has a specific meaning for most people—and it doesn’t have any connection to plumbing pipes, sewer lines, or water mains. But in the world of piping, whether residential, civic, industrial, or military, rehabilitation is one of the big words describing what professionals do.

When it comes to rehabilitating a pipe, it means the repair, renewal, or replacement of underground piping, such as water mains and sewer lines. If a pipe is damaged, suffering from corrosion due to age, has root infiltration, or needs any type of upgrade, the pipe must have professional rehabilitation services.

So rehabilitation means broad repair and replace—but what’s the “trenchless” part?

Trenchless is the modern technology of doing all repair, renewal, and replacement of underground pipes without the needs to excavate to reach the pipes.

Before trenchless rehabilitation techniques were developed, the only way to perform rehabilitation, from a small repair to a full sewer line replacement, was to use excavation equipment to access the pipe. This meant disrupting the garden or lawn around a house, ripping open the parking lot around a commercial building, or shutting down areas of an industrial facility to do the work. And the work might take days to complete, depending on the size of the project.

This sort of excavation technique for rehabilitation is still common, even though trenchless technology has made it obsolete. Not all contractors are willing to purchase the newest trenchless equipment or do the training necessary to handle it and so they still use disruptive excavation techniques. We strongly advise that when you need any pipe rehabilitation, you only work with a contractor who offers trenchless rehabilitation services.

Now, to the specifics of the trenchless part. How can pipe rehabilitation be done without disturbing the ground, facility, or ground activities? Trenchless technology is a lateral technology: the work approaches the pipes from the side with hydraulics and lateral launch robots, and then uses a range of materials and devices such as cured-in-place piping and slip-lining to fix the walls of a pipe from the inside. For a complete replacement, a new pipe can be inserted into the damaged older one, and the new pipe then expands to shatter the old one and replace it. Trenchless rehabilitation can be done for small patches or damage to the line, or it can seal up the entire length of enormous sewer or water main.

Your local trenchless rehabilitation experts

We use a full range of trenchless rehabilitation techniques: point repair, slip-lining, cured-in-place piping (CIPP), lateral launch, etc. Trenchless technology is continually evolving, and we are always current with the newest developments and making sure we always have the best equipment to handle all sizes and types of jobs.

For water main repair and sewer line repair in Tumwater, WA—any type of pipe rehabilitation of any size—you can rely on our team and the equipment at their disposal. For over 25 years, we have been providing comprehensive trenchless pipe repair services throughout Washington.

Insta-Pipe provides the best in high-tech piping services. Call us for whatever your piping needs in Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region.

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