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What is Cured in Place Pipe Lining?

plumbing-pipe-trenchlessRepairing pipes, especially underground pipes like your water and sewer lines, used to be very tricky. In order to patch a leak, you needed to first reach the pipe itself, which required expensive excavation equipment and a great deal of time. A patch could then be applied or the affected pipe replaced, but by then, a simple leak has become very expensive indeed.

That’s the way it used to be. These days, we have new technology that can render potentially expensive operations very easy to complete, often in a fraction of the time and with much less cost to boot. Among the chief weapons in our arsenal is cured in place pipe lining, which eliminated the needs to dig without skimping on the efficiency required to properly repair an issue with the underground pipe. Here’s how it works.

CIPP Allows Trenchless Technology

The key part of reducing costs and expenses from underground pipe repair is to remove the need to excavate the pipe. Cured in place pipe lining does that because it starts out in liquid form. Tiny video cameras can be used to examine the interior of the pipe and determine the placement and extent of the damages. Then the technician digs two small holes on either side of the problem spot and runs an applicator line down. As the line moves along the affected pipe, it turns inside out and applies the CIPP epoxy – a mixture of resin and fiberglass – onto the sides of the tube. It hardens in a few hours, creating a shell that perfectly covers the breach or leak: sealing it tight. The line can then be removed and the holes sealed up, leaving your pipe as good as new.

The Benefits

The obvious benefits were touched on above. Using CIPP means you don’t have to excavate the pipe, which means you don’t need to pay for the expensive equipment or long manhours it takes to do so. That can drop the cost a great deal, as well as eliminating the time and hassle of digging. This is of special importance during the winter when cold, rainy weather can make excavation difficult under the best of circumstances.

But more important even than the convenience and reduced cost is the durability of CIPP. Unlike air bladders or similar measures, cured in place piping is durable and long-lasting. In many cases, it can even outlast the pipe itself, and because it can be used to cover the entire length of pipe, it can provide comprehensive protection. All of which means you won’t have to worry about the same problem recurring again in the future. Considering how important underground piping like your sewer and main water lines can be, and considering how much your home relies on them, CIPP makes an ideal solution to cracks, leaks, and breaches of all varieties.

If your pipes are suffering from leaks and you need it fixed fast, call the trained team at Insta-Pipe for cured in place pipe lining services throughout the Tacoma, WA area!

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