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What to Do for Sewer Pipes When They’re Too Far Gone

pipe-decaySewer lines are designed to last for as long as possible, but no sewer line can last for an eternity. Older pipes made from cast iron or galvanized steel will decay from corrosion eventually, and even modern plastic pipes and copper are susceptible to damage.

Sewer lines can be repaired through point repair procedures when the damage is limited to a small area. We handle this job by sending a carrier unit into the pipe that then seals with epoxy mixtures of resin and fiberglass to the interior of the damaged sewer line to fix it. This is an example of our trenchless technology at work: there’s no need to do any digging to expose the sewer line to make repairs. This speeds up the job and leaves behind little disruption to the property.

But if a sewer line is decayed too much, it will either need an extensive patching along its length or a complete replacement. You can also trust us with these jobs, since trenchless technology is ideally suited to such large-scale projects.

Slip Lining

If you want the aging sewer line shored-up without having to go with a more extensive replacement, slip lining is the best tactic. One of our experts can tell you if slip lining is the right one for the situation after doing a push-cam inspection of the inside of the pipeline.

Slip lining is similar to point repair, but with the difference that the repair is done to the entire sewer pipeline rather than a single damaged spot. A carrier unit takes in a lengthy pipe liner (also called a carrier pipe) through the extent of the sewer line, where it expands and seals with epoxy to the older interior. The sewer line ends are then connected to the rest of the system and you end up with a fully repaired pipe.

This pipe lining has an estimated life of more than 50 years, and that means you can expect to have few problems with the repaired sewer line for a long time to come.

Pipe Bursting

If the push cam inspection shows that the sewer line is so deteriorated and damaged from corrosion or tree root infestations that slip lining will not be useful, the best step is to replace the pipe through pipe bursting. This process gets rid of the old pipe and replaces it with a new one at the same time, making for a fast job.

The process is much like slip lining, except instead of sending a liner into the sewer line, a pipe expander designed to replace the older pipe is sent in. Once the expander is set into place, a pipe burster is sent through, which causes the expander to, well, expand. This shatter the old pipe, no matter the material it was made from, and the expander then becomes the new pipeline.

Call the Pipe Replacement Experts

To arrange for a sewer repair in Seattle, WA, no matter if it’s for a private home or an industrial facility, we’re the contractor to call. We have provided comprehensive trenchless pipe repair services throughout Washington State for over 25 years. We are committed to providing the best trenchless service with the finest in modern equipment.

Call us for sewer repair: Insta-Pipe offers service in Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region.

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