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What Is the Benefit of Using UV Lights for Pipe Services?

UV-air-purifier-lightAt Insta-Pipe, we are dedicated to keeping current with the best available technology for piping services in Olympia, WA. We have a range of trenchless pipe replacement and pipe repair services, and we match each customer and job with the tools that will do the job best.

One type of technology we use for CIPP (cured in place piping) to line underground pipes is UV cure CIPP. You’re probably familiar with UV as an abbreviation for ultraviolet. UV cure uses ultraviolet light to cure the pipe liner applied to the inside of water lines, sewer lines, and other underground pipes. This is not yet a widespread technique for CIPP, and you won’t find many contractors in our area who can offer the benefits of it.

But what are those benefits? For anyone who doesn’t work in piping, it sounds odd to use UV lights as a way to handle pipe repair.

What UV Lights Can Do

UV lights have a shorter wavelength than visible light, and shorter wavelengths mean higher energy. Visible light can create photochemical reactions, but UV lights can create a much wider range of them. (One reaction you can see from UV light is a suntan or a sunburn.) UV lights can be used to harden resins, glues, and inks—the process known as “curing.” One way this technology is currently used is in dentistry. Dentists use UV lights to quickly harden small fillings made from resin.

When doing cured-in-place piping, we can use different techniques to harden the resin-based epoxy on the inside of the pipe liner so it seals firmly to the inside of the pipeline it’s repairing, such as mixing another substance into the epoxy that triggers the reaction, or simply waiting for the resin to harden.

The Benefits of Using UV Cure CIPP

Considering these other methods, what is special about using UV lights for cured in place piping?

  • First, it’s one of the fastest ways to complete the job. UV curing only takes seconds to harden the epoxy.
  • Second, the process uses a thinner and harder epoxy. For our customers, this is beneficial because it increases volume in the pipe and allows for less flow resistance. It’s even increased the flow in some cases.
  • Third, UV curing produces no fumes from solvent evaporation, which takes away the extra step of ventilating these fumes out of the piping.

When You Should Choose UV Cure CIPP

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about trying to make a choice about what methods to use for your pipelining services. That’s why you have experts like our team to help. Each job is different, and UV cure CIPP may be helpful in some but not in others. We’ll consult with you about the techniques that will work the best for the job, how much time they’ll take, and what they’ll cost. It’s far better to come to a contractor who has the options rather than a contractor who tells you there’s just one way they can do the job.

Insta-Pipe provides complete piping services, from residential to industrial, throughout Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region. Schedule service today or call for more information.

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