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Trust Piping Services to Repair Your Sewer Line

push-camWho should you hire when you think the sewer line for your building must be fixed? You might think “plumbers,” but a plumbing contractor is usually concerned with the pipes inside a building. When you need the best sewer repair in Seattle, WA, turn to a piping services company like us. We have the technology and experience to handle all manner of sewer services for all types of buildings: homes, businesses, industrial facilities, military installations, and civic buildings.

The Warnings of Impending Sewer Line Repairs

Before you even reach out to a piping service to fix a sewer line, you’ll need to know there’s a problem in need of fixing. Watch for several warning signs in the building and property around it that can point toward a sewer line in severe need of repairs:

  • Sewer smells coming from drains around the building.
  • Wet spots around drains in the basements.
  • Habitual clogging troubles around the building or facility, often starting in the lower floors.
  • Strange behavior from drains when appliances are used. For example, flushing a toilet causing water to rise from a nearby sink.
  • Damp and foul-smelling spots on the property around the building.

Important for Homeowners!

If you’re homeowner, you may wonder why you need to hire anybody to repair the sewer line in the first place. Isn’t this the responsibility of the city?

Well, no. And we should know this, because we also handle municipal services! The sewer line from the point where it exits your house to where it crosses under the property line is private property and not under the jurisdiction of the city. When you have sewer line troubles, it’s up to you to arrange for the professionals to repair it. Since we’re municipal sewer line professionals as well as residential ones, you can trust we’ll get the best possible job done no matter what repairs your sewer line requires.

The Piping Services Difference

What makes using a piping service so much better than looking for a standard contractor? The biggest difference is in the tools. The best pipe services use CIPP (cured in-place pipe) and pushcam technology to ensure the work is done right and also fast.

  • CIPP: What does a “cured in-placed pipe” mean? It’s a type of trenchless technology that removes the need to replace a damaged pipe to make a repair. Instead, the piping service technicians create a new pipe inside the old one. They can also make smaller repairs rather than replace the whole pipe (point repair) by sending a pipe section into the old pipe and sealing it to the pipe interior. There are different techniques, and a pipe service contractor will know which one is the best for your situation.
  • Pushcam: If you read the above and wondered how a piping service would even know whether to make point repairs or a full replacement, the answer is—the pushcam. This is an advanced inspection device using CCTV technology to give the technicians an interior view of the pipe. Using this information, they’ll know the exact approach to use and where to use it.

Insta-Pipe performs residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and military piping services in Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region. Request an estimate today.

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