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Trenchless Technology Saves Time and Money

sewer-pipe-trenchlessRepairing an underground pipe on your property, such as a sewer line or the main water line, used to be expensive and time-consuming. The problems themselves rarely differed from those of indoor pipes: usually, some manner of leak or clog disrupting the flow of liquid. But because the lines were buried underground, it took an inordinate amount of time to reach them. It meant expensive digging equipment and long man hours. It usually meant hiring extra workers too. All to simply uncover the pipe, fix the problem, and cover it again.

To top it all off, it usually left your yard in a terrible state, requiring gardeners and landscapers to fix again. And given our weather in the Pacific Northwest, a little rain or snow could result in even further delays.

Those days are past, however. Trenchless technology now handles almost any underground pipe problem, especially big ones like sewer line repair. The benefits come in time and effort, which puts a great deal of money back in your pocket. Here’s a quick look at how trenchless technology works.

Video Cameras Start The Process

Chances are, you have a video camera and a light on your phone, no bigger than your fingernail, but capable of recording on-the-fly movies for you wherever you may be. That same technology can be used to get an unprecedented amount of accuracy in inspecting an underground pipe. A tiny camera and light can be sent down the drain on a cable, allowing the pipe technician to know exactly where the problem is and exactly what caused it. Previously, technicians needed to rely on less accurate measurements, or even dig up the entire length of pipe just to get a look at the problem.

Solutions Don’t Require Digging

Similarly, the solutions to whatever problem lies in your underground pipe don’t require a lot of digging either. They include things like an inflatable liner pulled through the pipe with epoxy applied to the surface. The liner can be inflated and set into place, then allowed to harden and seal the leaks in the process. Similarly, a cutting tool can be run down the pipe and cut through any obstruction, including tree roots and stubborn clogs.

That can often be accomplished by digging just two small holes, and sometimes may not need even that much. That means less time spent getting to the problem, saves you the cost of heavy digging equipment, and spares you the often heartbreaking effort to reclaim your yard from the results. Trenchless technology means that even the most serious problem can usually be corrected in a single day, and lets your household get back to normal as soon as possible. With weather always a factor, that can mean a great deal.

If you’re having trouble with your sewer line or similar outdoor pipes in Seattle, WA, call the friendly pros at Insta-Pipe to make an appointment. We offer a wide variety of trenchless technology services designed to fix your problem the right way every time!

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