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Is Trenchless Pipe Repair Always the Best Solution?

sewer-line-repairAt Insta-Pipe, our specialty is offering the best in pipe replacement and repair using the finest available trenchless technology. We have the equipment to handle the work fast and accurately and with minimal disruption.

If you’re unfamiliar with trenchless pipe repair, you might wonder if going with a trenchless repair in Seattle, WA for a water or sewer line is always the ideal approach.

Yes, going trenchless is the best choice

Normally, offering such a blanket answer might seem foolish. But we’ve been in the business for a long time and know the benefits of choosing trenchless technology for pipe repair. The alternative to trenchless is the old-fashioned method of digging up the ground to reach the buried sewer or water line to fix or replace it. Trenchless offers so many advantages compared to the old techniques that there’s little question which one is the best. For example:

  • Trenchless pipe repair takes less time. Using excavation methods can require a day, or sometimes ­days, to complete. Trenchless repairs can usually be completed in a few hours when you hire the right people.
  • Trenchless pipe repair is more cost-effective. It’s faster and less labor-intensive, with much smaller crews required to do the work.
  • Trenchless pipe repair is far less disruptive to a home, business, or facility. There’s no need to tear up a whole parking lot, lawn, or another part of the property just to access the broken pipe. Many trenchless jobs can be done without any digging at all. Those that do require digging only need one or two small pits excavated.

Trenchless doesn’t mean only one technique

There ­are choices involved when it comes to trenchless repair services. Most of them you can leave up to the professionals handling the job. Before starting the repairs, the trenchless experts will inspect the pipe to find out the extent and type of damage so they’ll know the best way to fix it. These inspections are also part of trenchless technology: push-cams inserted into the pipeline which send back images to monitors where technicians can observe the pipe interior. Using these push-cams eliminates an enormous amount of guesswork and saves time—the technicians know exactly what type of work they need to do, where to do it, and how to do it.

Once the inspections are complete, the technicians will decide on whether the best way to fix the pipe is pipelining or pipe bursting. Pipelining fixes a leaking or decaying pipe from the inside by sliding a liner into the pipe and setting it in place. Pipe bursting involves slipping a new pipe into the old one, then expanding it to shatter the old pipe and replace it.

No matter what type of pipe repair you need, our team of trenchless experts will find the best way to do the job. From the first inspections to the final CCTV camera check to ensure the work was done right, we’ll see that you receive the exact job necessary.

Get in touch with Insta-Pipe to arrange for trenchless pipe repair solutions for your home or commercial/industrial facility. We serve Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region.

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