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Tools for Trenchless Pipe Repair

trenchless-pipe-repairOutdoor pipes are usually buried underground, which can be a double-edged sword in some ways. On the one hand, the earth protects the pipe from the elements, as well as helping to prevent accidental damage and keeping the pipe safe. On the other hand, when the pipe runs into trouble, it can be extremely difficult to get to it. In the past, repairing a leaky underground pipe used to be a costly and time-intensive process, requiring excavation equipment and additional manpower to first uncover the pipe, then cover it back up once repairs were made. The operation also tended to tear up your yard, which meant a costly grounds-keeping bill to restore your lawn and re-plant your shrubbery.

The advent of trenchless pipe repair changed all of that. With new tools and 21st century techniques, technicians can correct problems with underground pipes on your property more swiftly and effectively than ever before. A quick breakdown of some of those tools demonstrates just how far the field has advanced.

Video Inspection

If you have a cell phone, chances are it contains a video camera about the size of your fingernail, letting you take video footage on the fly everywhere you go. The same technology can be used in pipe inspection: providing unprecedented accuracy to leaks, clogs and other problems. The camera is run down on a cable, along with a small light: inside the pipe where the core of the issue can be found. The technician can watch with a monitor and pinpoint not only the location of the trouble, but the source of it as well. With that data, the technician can then plan a repair session with unprecedented accuracy, ensuring that the problem is corrected the right way.


With specific knowledge of the trouble in hand, the technician can then instigate repairs or similar corrective measures. Again, this no longer requires excavating the damaged pipe. CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe) technology (among others) makes the process much simpler. A mixture of resin and fiberglass is injected into the pipe with a tube: sealing up cracks and similar breaches with a strong bond. The CIPP is water-tight and resistant to corrosion: meaning that you can enjoy the benefits without having to replace the entire pipe. It can also be applied in smaller does with an inflatable balloon, meaning you only have to treat the affected portion of pipe instead of the entire line.

How They Benefit You

By eliminating the need to dig up the pipe, trenchless technology cuts the time involved down to a fraction of what it used to be. There’s no heavy equipment to rent or extra men to hire and most operations can be conducted in a single day. There’s rarely any digging involved at all, which means you don’t need to repair your yard or garden afterward either. That means a faster – and much less expensive – process without losing any of the effectiveness that you need when an underground pipe runs into trouble.

For leaks, clogs, breaches and other problems with underground pipes here in Tacoma, WA, call the trenchless technology experts at Insta-Pipe today to make an appointment!

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