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Signs of a Leaking Sewer Line

sewer-pipe-trenchlessIn and of itself, the sewer line for your home is no different than any other pipe. It may be a little larger and sturdier, but the principles are still the same: it still needs to carry wastewater out of your home, the same way that pipe under the sink does. The difficulty with sewer lines and other outdoor pipelines is that they’re most often buried beneath the ground.

This can be a big benefit because it protects them from damage quite well, but it also creates big problems when trouble does arise. The good news is that trained pipe technicians can usually repair problems such as leaks and clogs without having to dig. Trenchless technology has revolutionized pipe repair and allows us to repair leaks at a fraction of the time and cost.

Unfortunately, that still leaves the matter of detecting the problem in the first place. Because the sewer line is underground, problems can go for weeks or even months before they are spotted. Sooner is better with any issue like sewer line repair, and if you can spot the signs of a problem early, you can get a repair service on it before it gets worse.

What to Look for

First of all, it’s helpful to have a good idea where the sewer line runs on your property, since issues with the line will usually center around that location. Once you note that, it pays to keep an eye out for the telltale signs of a sewer leak. Those signs can include, but are not limited to:

  • Strange Puddles. Puddles can often appear on the ground around the leak, usually with no apparent source. Sometimes the puddles will have a distinctive smell, but other times, they may look like normal puddles. Regardless, if you can’t figure out what caused them, you might want to give a pipe technician a call.
  • Smells. A breach in a sewer line can often create a pungent small, which is pretty hard to miss.
  • Odd Noises. Depending upon the location and extent of the leak, you may detect strange noises such as the sound of dripping or running water in places where, again, there’s no apparent source of the sounds.
  • Extra Green. Sewer line leaks can serve as natural fertilizer for the plants and trees in your yard. If some of them look greener and healthier than other trees or shrubs in the yard, you’re likely looking at a sewer line leak.
  • Indentation or Damage. Sewer leaks can cause divots in your lawn and similar depressions in the ground. That can sometimes result in cracks in your porch os similar spot, provided it’s affected by the damage to the sewer line.
  • An Increase in Vermin. Believe it or not, rats and other vermin can sometimes be drawn to leaks in a sewer line. Keep an eye out for them.

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