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Sewer Repair Services Can Solve Sewer Line Clogs

sewer-line-blockageSewer line leaks tend to be more common than sewer line clogs, owing to the larger size of the sewer line, which makes it easier for waste to travel smoothly down the pipe. But clogs still occur, just as they would in any other pipe, and when they do, you can’t just get rid of it by applying a plunger. The good news is that you have options. Sewer repair services have tools and techniques to solve sewer line clog problems, all without having to dig or open up the pipe. Here’s a closer look at the problem and the solutions that professional pipe technicians bring to bear.

Some Clogs Are Tougher Than Others

The exact nature of the clog can play a huge role in how the technician goes about solving it. Blockages caused by water flowing from the home can be tough, but it’s still caused by materials that can be dislodged and allowed to flow out the pipe and into the municipal sewer system. Far more insidious, however, are tree roots, which can be attracted to the sewer line because of the natural fertilizer. Micr0-roots can take advantage of tiny fissures in the pipe to expand and infest the interior of the pipe. You can spot them sometimes when the tree or bush in question looks much greener and lusher than the plants around it.

Tree roots are particularly tough because they can’t just be broken down or pushed out of the pipe. They need to be cut away, which requires an entirely different sort of tool. And it takes a trained technician to know which kind of clog is which, then apply that tool properly.

The Right Tool for the Job

One of the big reasons you need to speak with a professional pipe technician is that they use specialized tools to deal with the problem effectively, and have the skills and experience to use those tools correctly. They can include the following:

  • Solo Robots Inspection. Solo robots are essentially tiny video cameras now small enough to be lowered down on a line into the pipe. That gives the technician an accurate assessment of the nature of the clog, which lets them then select the right tool to deal with it.
  • Hydro-Jetting. In many cases, the problem can be resolved with hydro-jetting: using a specialized hose to blast the clog out of the pipe. The hose fires pulses of high-pressure water down the length of the pipe, breaking the clog up and washing it harmlessly down the pipe.
  • Cutting Tools. In the event the clog is caused by tree roots or similar obstructions a cutting tool may be necessary. A trained pipe technician can use motorized snakes with rotating heads and similar tools to cut away the roots, clearing the pipe of obstruction and allowing water to flow freely once more.

If the sewer line in your Seattle, WA home is clogged and you need the services of a trained pipe technician, call on the friendly professionals at Insta-Pipe today!

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