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Sewer Repair Services Move Faster than Ever

sewer-pipe-trenchlessThe main sewer line to your house is one of the most important pieces of piping on your property: carrying wastewater from the indoor pipes and outlets to the municipal sewer system. Most sewer lines are buried underground, which protects them from harm, but creates a huge dilemma when leaks and clogs do appear. It used to be that repairing such issues took a long time. Now, however, sewer repair services move faster than ever, and that can make a potentially complex operation much simpler.

We’ve spoken recently about the advances of trenchless technology, and how advances like cured-in-place piping (CIPP) can cut down on the huge expense of sewer repair services. That savings translates to one key factor: the time involved.

Why Sewer Repair Used to Take So Long

Repairing a sewer line used to take a long time because it took time to reach the pipe itself. Uncovering the pipe usually meant hiring extra hands and in many cases renting construction equipment to move the dirt. That was bad enough, but the time of the rental was the huge factor. The longer it took, the more money it cost. Hiring men to dig might be ostensibly less expensive than using a piece of construction equipment, but they would take even longer, and every hour spent digging cost more money.

Even worse, the pipe technician couldn’t tell the exact location of the problem until the pipe itself was uncovered. That usually meant you had to dig up a whole section of the time, adding further to the time spent and the attendant costs.

Trenchless Technology Means Speed

Modern techniques work so well in part because they cut down on the time involved considerably. That starts with video camera technology, which allows the piping technician to pinpoint the exact spot of the trouble. That means you don’t have to waste any time on a fishing expedition determining where the spot it. It also means that digging won’t take nearly so long.

The time is further accelerated by using CIPP technology or similar piping fixed. It means the technician doesn’t need to replace the whole pipe: merely fix the spot where the trouble has occurred. The same holds true when it comes to clogs, which can be corrected with hydro jetting and won’t ever required excavation, and with other breach repair operations such as slip lining. These methods usually require only minimal digging at most, and can usually be completed within the course of a single day.

As a result, the problem is addressed much more quickly than it might have been just a few years ago. That means you don’t have to pay nearly as much as you might have otherwise, and you don’t need to compromise on a quality repair job to do it.

If you suspect you have a sewer line repair issue in the Tacoma, WA area and need trained piping technicians to handle the operation, then call the friendly pros at Insta-Pipe today to make an appointment!

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