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Why Do Sewer Repair Services Require Expert Attention?

sewer-pipe-trenchlessThe sewer line connects the interior drain pipes in your home to the municipal sewer systems and is responsible for removing wastewater from the house safely. That makes them arguably the most important length of pipe in the entire system. They’re usually protected from damage because they’re buried under your yard, but damage can still find them regardless.

Sewer pipes can become clogged just like any other pipe, and age can take its toll by creating cracks and leaks over time. Tree roots can infiltrate the pipe, shifting soil can damage it, and while sewer pipes tend to be much sturdier and longer lasting than other pipes in the system, any problems with them are compounded by the fact that the pipe is located underground.

That means you need someone specific when it comes to sewer repair services. Indoor pipe experts can usually repair a leak or fix a clog in a given length of pipe, but when it comes to sewer lines, you want someone dedicated to outdoor pipe repair. The operation is too important and challenging to leave to anyone else.

Problems with Sewer Lines Require Unique Solutions

The problems that sewer lines experience don’t differ much from other types of pipe. But buried underground as they are, they require special steps to deal with. Time was, you had to excavate the entire length of pipe: a process that took many days and entailed expensive equipment (to say nothing of additional hands hired to conduct the work). Indoor pipe services could sometimes attempt such operations, but they lacked the proper training, experience, and equipment to do it properly. That means higher costs, longer repair times and a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Experts, however, can apply trenchless technology to the problem, and get the sewer pipe repaired in a fraction of the time with a lot less hassle to boot.

Trenchless Technology

The principle behind trenchless technology is simple: correct the problem without excavating the pipe. That starts with tiny video cameras, similar to the ones on your phone, which can be sent down the pipe to get an exact look at the problem. From there,m the technician can select from a number of different solutions, including:

  • Hydro Jetting. This uses a specialized hose that fires concentrated bursts of water down the length of the pipe. It can be used to break up stubborn clogs without having to open up the pipe at all.
  • Slip Lining. Slip lining is an inflatable length of material inserted into the pipe at the point of a leak. It can then be expanded to seal the leak, with a coating of epoxy in the exterior of the lining to keep it in place against the pipe.
  • CIPP Services. CIPP stands for Cured In Place Pipe, which adds an entirely new, stronger layer, inside the pipe and can be used to bolster the entire sewer line instead of just one small part.

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