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How Does Sewer Pipe Lining Make Repairs Easier?

trenchless-sewer-liningFew repairs in your home can be more chilling than those of outdoor pipes, such as your main sewer line and water line. Those pipes are usually buried underground, which protects them from harm but also makes reaching them very difficult. Time was, you used to have to uncover the entire length of pipe to fix leaks or clogs. Luckily, technology has advanced, making repair jobs from pipe technicians much easier to do. That including sewer pipe lining and similar techniques that render a lot of the expense and bother of outdoor pipe repair unnecessary Here’s a look at how it all works.

The Old Way

The problem with older techniques, or techniques that still work just fine for leaks and clogs in indoor pipes, is that you still have to get to the pipe to apply the repair. With outdoor pipes like your sewer line, you’d need to rent expensive construction equipment and pay servicemen to run it: excavating the entire pipe, correcting the problem, and reburying it again. Not only was that expensive, it was time-consuming, making the repairs expensive indeed.

Trenchless Repair Is Possible

Trenchless repair, however, cuts down on that expense considerably. You don’t need to rent construction equipment or unearth the entire pipe. The pipe technician uses tiny video cameras run inside the pipe to pinpoint the exact cause and location of the problem. The technician can then dig two small holes on either side of the issue, then run down a solution without having to dig any further.

Sewer pipe lining is one of those solutions. It resembles a balloon, made of a rugged material that can easily withstand the pressure of materials moving through your sewer line. The technician lowers it into place through the holes, then inflates it until it lines the inside of the pipe: covering the leak in the process. In many cases, the outside of the pipe lining can be covered in sealant designed to strengthen the bond between the lining and the pipe: ensuring that the leak stays sealed no matter what.

That’s the most important aspect of the operation: ensuring that the pipe lining is properly in place. Again, though, that can be performed above ground without excavation, and the pipe technician can ensure that it’s all good to go very swiftly. After that, it’s just a matter of sealing the holes and restoring water flow to the system. Not only does it spare you the cost of equipment, but because it can take place so quickly, you’re not paying for excess labor costs either. And because we get a lot of rain and similar wet weather around here, it means that storm clouds can’t disrupt the operation like they might if it were a little more time-consuming. And it won’t disrupt your yard: saving you on landscaping bills to boot. That’s enough to make you breathe a little easier, even with the worst sewer line problems.

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