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Problems Addressed by Sewer Repair

sewer-pipe-trenchlessIn many ways, a sewer line to your home is no different than any another length of pipe. In this case, it takes wastewater from the drain lines of your home into the local municipal sewer system. It’s usually larger than other pipes on your property and buried underground, but beyond that, it’s essentially another length of pipe. It still develops leaks, clogs, and corrosion, and it still required a trained technician to repair.

But fixing a problem with your sewer line presents a number of challenges that you wouldn’t find with other lengths of pipe in your home. That’s why you should always contact a service that specializes in sewer repair instead of one that deals with indoor pipes exclusively. Sewer repair services offer specialized options that can address a number of specific problems. A brief list of some of the more important ones follow.

Trenchless Technology

The big concern with sewer repair comes with reaching the sewer line to begin with. Without specialized sewer repair, you likely would have to excavate the whole length of pipe, requiring expensive digging equipment, extra workers, and lots of time. That can drive expenses up a great deal, even more so if rain or other weather causes delays in the operation.

Above and beyond any other features they may offer, sewer repair services rely on trenchless technology to do their job. That means that the need for digging is eliminated – corrective measures such as slip-lining and hydrojetting can be applied without having to expose the pipe. That means that the issue can be addressed with much more speed, as well as eliminating the costs associated with extra personnel and equipment rental.

Pipe Breaches

Leaks, breaches, and corrosion in your sewer line all have the same general effect: causing wastewater and/or contaminants to leak into the ground around the pipe. Pipe breaches need to be dealt with swiftly, but when it comes to sewer pipes, it means documenting the extent of the problem without having to dig.

Video camera technology makes identifying the extent of the problem much easier. A tiny camera and a light are sent down a line, giving the technician an inside look at the pipe. That lets him or her determine the cause of the breach and its exact placements, allowing for much easier application of a solution. Slip lining and similar methods can be used to seal the breach (essentially running the lining through the pipe, then inflating it like a balloon.)

Pipe Clogs

When a clog is detected in the sewer line, the easiest solution is usually hydrojetting, which fits a powerful hose into the drain and fires pulses of high-pressure water down the line. That can break up even the most stubborn clogs and wash the remnants safely into the civic sewer line. In other cases, cutting tools can be sent into the pipe and cut up intruding blockages.

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