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Piping Services Can Repair Sewer Leaks

sewer-pipe-trenchlessFew plumbing problems are more serious than a leak in your sewer line, which can create huge issues for your home. In and of themselves, there’s nothing about them that’s different from an indoor piping leak. Sewer lines, however, are located underground, which makes reaching them a terrible chore. And because they remove wastewater from your entire home, a problem with them is going to affect almost every aspect of your life.

The good news is that piping services can repair sewer leaks with a lot less time and effort than it used to take. Not only does that mean completing the task in a fraction of the time and cost that it once did, but it can fix the problem just as well, if not better than ever. Here’s a little look at how modern technology has revolutionized piping services.

What Used to Happen

Before the advent of this technology, you basically had to unearth the pipe to patch up the leak. That meant renting expensive construction equipment and often hiring extra workers to do the job. It took a lot of time as well, and our infamous wet weather can cause considerable complications while the work was being done. Worst of all, the results still left your yard a dug-up mess, requiring new landscaping and possibly a whole lot of time to make right again.

Luckily, sewer lines were (and are) protected from damage by the same factor that makes repairing them so difficult. They don’t suffer as much wear and tear underground, and you didn’t have to worry the way you might with an exposed indoor pipe. Unfortunately, when it does strike, it leaves you without options: which could be quite daunting if formal excavation were required.

New Tools Mean Better Service

Trenchless technology simplifies the entire process. It starts with video pipe inspection: sending a tiny camera and light on a line into the pipe and watching the results from a computer tablet. That allows the piping technician to get an accurate look at the location of the leak, as well as its possible causes (and things like corrosion, which may stretch for quite a way from the spot of the leak.

With that information in mind, repairs can be made in much the same way. The most common method of dealing with a leak is pipe lining, which resembles a long, deflated rubber balloon. The outside is coated with an adhesive, and the lining is simply slid into your pipe, then “inflated to stick to the sides. The epoxy causes it to stick to the sides of the pipe and the rubber is strong enough to handle any pressure from the inside of the pipe.

As a result, the leak is sealed and will not return. The pipe is fully functional again, and the process didn’t require any digging at all. That allows us to complete the task in a fraction of the time and cost that it once took.

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