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Pipe Lining Makes Trenchless Sewer Repair Possible

trenchless-ewer-repairWhen it comes to sewer repair services, trenchless technology has been a true game changer. The main sewer line that runs between your home and the civic system is usually buried underground. That can protect it from harm but makes it incredibly difficult to reach in the event of a leak or a breach. Sewer line breaches (or clogs or other problems) are essentially no different from problems with the indoor pipes in your home. But if there are several feet of dirt between it and the pipe technician, solving it is going to be a challenge.

Not so long ago, a sewer line leak would have been a major operation, requiring extra works, expensive construction equipment and a lot of time. It was often compounded by rainy weather, which we get a lot of in Tacoma, and when it was all over, it left your yard in a terrible state: usually requiring landscapers or the like to restore.

Trenchless technology changes all of that, allowing you to repair breaches or leaks without having to dig. It saves time and money, and fixes the problem just as effectively as if you dug up the entire pipe and replaced it with a new one. A key part of that equation is pipelining, which can be inserted into the pipe without having to dig. Here’s a quick look at how it works.

It Starts with a Video Inspection

Video technology has gotten to the point where we can send tiny cameras and lights — similar to those found on your phone — down into the pipe itself. We view what the camera sees from a monitor and can get a thorough look at the nature and extent of the breach without having to dig a single spoonful of dirt.

Slip Lining to the Rescue

Once that happens, the pipelining — or slip lining as we call it in the business — can be added. It’s best to think of it as a thick, flexible balloon. It’s slid into the pipe with a flexible hose, called a carrier pipe, then inflated to press against the sides of the existing pipe. Epoxy or similar adhesive coats the surface to form a bond.  In one fell swoop, the leak or breach is sealed. The carrier pipe can be removed and the slip lining remains in place. Once it seals, the pipe can be used as it always has. Best of all, the lining can cover a long length of pipe: sealing multiple breaches or leaks in one fell swoop.

The speed and ease of the operation help save you money in countless ways. There’s no need for expensive excavation equipment or extra workers to dig. The operation can be conducted in a comparatively short amount of time — vital in the event of poor weather rolling in — which resolves the issue that much faster and gets your sewer line operating again in a timely fashion.

For sewer line repairs in Tacoma, WA, as well as any other issues with your pipes, call in Insta-Pipe today!

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