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How Does Pipe Lining Repair Sewer Breaches?

sewer-pipe-trenchlessA breach of your sewer line is, in essence, no different than a pipe breach inside your home. The walls of the pipe become thin or are punctured by damage, and the water comes leaking out. Any professional technician worth their salt knows how to plug a leak in a pipe, and if the situation took place inside your home, it would be easy enough to pinpoint the spot and either patch the leak or install a new length of pipe.

With sewer lines, however, that becomes much more problematic. Your sewer line is buried beneath your property, which means that you can’t simply patch up the leak. In the past, repairing a sewer breach required expensive tools such as construction equipment, as well as extra hands to perform the work. Operations would likely take a long time and end with your yard in a terrible mess: requiring additional costs as you hire groundskeepers to repair the damage.

That’s all changed, however. Modern-day pipe technicians use advanced techniques and 21st-century equipment to fix the breach without having to dig. The specifics depend on the exact nature of the problem, since no individual breach is quite like any others. But in most cases, pipe-lining techniques are used to great advantage and effect, and can solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Here’s how it works.

The Process

The process starts with a video pipe inspection: sending a tiny video camera on a line down the pipe, which the technician monitors using a video tablet from up above. That allows the technician to get a good, close look at the problem: determining the location of the breach, the extent of the damage and the state of the pipe overall. That provides a great deal of accuracy and lets the technician cover the whole problem, instead of just centering on one or two spots and hoping for the best.

Pipe lining is then used to seal the breach. The liner often resembles a deflated balloon with the surface coated with adhesive. It’s slid into the pipe and expanded to fit against the inside, as the adhesive bonds with the pipe material. Once it is set, the pipe can then be used. The lining has sealed the breach and further leaks will no longer be a problem.

The Benefits

The benefits of pipe lining become self-apparent when you factor in time and cost. In the first place, you’re eliminating the cost of all that expensive digging equipment, as well as the extra employees required to run it. It will take only a fraction of the time that it might if you had to excavate the pipe, and most operations can be conducted in a single day. Best of all, there won’t be any mess left to clean up afterward and your yard won’t have to be re-landscaped.

If your sewer line is damaged and needs repairs here in the Seattle, WA area, call on the team that specializes in outdoor piping: Insta-Pipe, ready to go when you are and experienced in the proper way to seal a breach!

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