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Hydro-Jetting Helps with Sewer Repair


Sewer repair services can be difficult, not so much because of the problem itself, but because of the importance and placement of the sewer pipe itself. The pipe handles the wastewater from your entire home, collecting everything that runs down every drain in your home and transporting it to the Tacoma, WA municipal sewer system. Almost every sewer pipe is buried beneath the ground, which provides protection and ensures that wastewater is removed from your home conveniently. But that can provide problems when trouble occurs.

Clogs, in particular, can be very difficult to solve then it comes to sewer pipes. Clogs can form when material builds up in the pipe, or when outside material is introduced. (For example, tree roots can often infiltrate sewer pipes and clog the flow of water, using the sewage in the pipe as fertilizer.) Getting rid of those clogs takes more than just a plunger and some elbow grease.

Luckily, trained pipe technicians have the perfect solution: hydro-jetting to scour obstructions out of your sewer pipe and restore the free flow of wastewater out of your home. It requires a technician’s training and experience, but it solves the problem quite nicely. Here’s a breakdown of how it all works.

Reaching the Pipe

The central problems with sewer pipe clogs are not the clog itself, which is in essence no different from that of any other pipe. It’s reaching the pipe to do the job. Clogs used to mean completely excavating the pipe and often replacing the clogged section. But hydro-jetting makes it much easier: allowing you to break up a stubborn clog without having to dig. That, in turn, ensures that the job gets done much more safely and conveniently than clearing clogs in other types of pipe.

Pulses of Water

Hydro-jetting is a preferred means of dealing with clogs in most cases simply because it is extremely effective while also being very safe. A high-pressure hose is fitted into place and pulses of water fired down the pipe at the clog. The water is very powerful, which is why it takes formal training and licensing to operate the technology properly. However, it’s also remarkably effective. The pulses strike the clog with unbelievable power, able to loosen even tree roots and send them flowing down the line to the sewer.

In most cases, the process takes just a short amount of time, and yet the clog is cleaned up completely: leaving no lingering traces to reform the clog. Furthermore, hydro-jetting cleans the entire length of pipe: scouring away clogs that might be forming elsewhere along its length and giving you very good value for your money. (Most hydro-jetting operations can be conducted without extra equipment, and in a fraction of the time that other operations require.) Finally, because it’s just water, hydro-jetting involves no caustic chemicals and the results are as good for the environment as they are for your pipes.

For hydro-jetting services in Tacoma, WA, call on the friendly technicians at Insta-Pipe today!

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