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How Do Modern Piping Services Perform Sewer Repairs?

industrial-pipesThe sewer line is a critical stretch of piping for a building, no matter the size or type of building. Homes, businesses, and industrial facilities need to have an undamaged and unobstructed sewer pipeline in order to function effectively and hygienically.

But no sewer line is invincible. Construction, shifts in the earth, corrosion from chemicals, and plain old aging can all lead to a sewer pipe that needs repairs. The job obviously requires professionals—no amateur can access a buried sewer line or even have the slightest idea how to repair it if they could. But some professional piping service contractors still use outdated methods of pipe repair involving massive amounts of digging equipment to excavate down to the sewer line. We’d like to explain the modern way we handle sewer repair work.

Cured In Place Piping (CIPP)

Cured In Place Piping is a method to repair sewer line damage by essentially relining the sewer pipe from the inside. Doing this seals breaks and other spots of damage and gives the pipe an extended life—and it doesn’t require having to do a complete replacement. CIPP can be done for spot fixes, or it can line an entire sewer pipe if necessary.

How does this work? First, our technicians create an epoxy from mixing together resin and fiberglass. This epoxy is then injected into an applicator tube that is the right size to be able to fit into the sewer line. The technicians access the sewer line through one of the clean-outs and force the epoxy-filled tube down into the pipe. As the tube moves, it turns inside out, which applies the epoxy along the pipe walls. The epoxy then hardens over a few hours, forming a new inside layer for the pipe. You can see where the name Cured in Place Piping comes from: the pipe material is cured right where it’s supposed to be. Once the applicator tube is removed, the pipe should be ready to use, with all damage covered up.

This process can be applied to only a select area if that’s all that’s required. This is where special camera equipment is invaluable. We use push cams and other technology to send miniaturized cameras into the sewer line to locate specific places in need of repairs. To fix only a small spot, a special ferry carries the epoxy tube into the pipe, where it inflates to adhere to the pipe walls and repair damage.

Piping Professionals at Your Disposal

You can trust our experts in Seattle, WA sewer repair to find the right solution to meet the needs of your building, no matter if it’s a single-family home or a larger military installation. We often use CIPP for mainline sewer repairs, but we have a range of trenchless methods to help you with repairs and replacements. We are trained and licensed experts in handling all types and sizes of outdoor pipe services.

Contact us for your sewer repair needs. Insta-Pipe offers piping service to residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and military clients in Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region.

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