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How Long Does a Trenchless Repair Take?

question-mark-badgeAn important part of the services we provide for our customers is trenchless repairs. This is a faster process than older repair methods. But how much faster? Customers are often curious about what type of improvement they’ll see when they choose a contractor who offers trenchless repair work for buried pipes such as the sewer line and the water main.

We’ll shed some light on this below.

The Old Method of Buried Pipeline Repair

To understand the speed of trenchless pipe repair services, it helps to look at the antiquated older method. (It may be antiquated, but many contractors still use it so they don’t have to invest in new equipment and training their technicians to work on it.) The original pipe repair method was “brute force”: use digging machinery to tear open a trench to reach the buried pipe. The pipe could be sealed from the outside, or sections of it cut away and replaced. After completing the repair, the trench is filled back in and re-landscaped, although not without leaving some obvious signs of the disruption.

This process could take several days to complete, depending on the size of the property. At the least, it would take up most of a day and create a major mess on the property. Nobody wants large digging equipment parked in front of their house or business. “Pardon Our Dust” indeed!

The Speed of Trenchless Repairs

As the name indicates, trenchless repairs don’t require excavating a trench to reach the pipe. The work is done laterally: technicians use slip-lining to insert cured-in-place piping (CIPP) through the pipe from the interior of the building. If necessary, the technicians dig a small hole where the pipeline crosses under the property line to the municipal sewer pipe so they can attach hydraulic tools to draw the slip-liner into place. The slip-liner seals along the damaged section of the pipe, where it is cured-in-place and repairs the pipe from the inside.

How long does this take? “It depends,” of course. A small repair for a residential line to a single house may only take an hour or two. But in almost all cases, the process takes less than a day. When you compared this to at least a day to more than a few days for standard digging techniques, you can see the huge advantage of trenchless technology. This isn’t even considering the “scars” left behind on the property from digging the trenches, which can “heal” slowly.

The Local Trenchless Experts

As we mentioned above, trenchless technology is not universally in use among residential, commercial, and civic contractors. No matter what sector you’re in, when you require repairs for sewer and water lines, make sure to hire a contractor who can handle trenchless repair in Seattle, WA. We offer complete piping services for residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and military buildings, and we use only the finest in cutting-edge trenchless equipment.

Insta-Pipe serves Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region with the best in pipe services. Speak to us today to learn more about our trenchless services.

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