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How Long Will Pipe Lining Repairs Last?

sewer-line-repairRepairing underground pipes for a house or commercial/industrial facility is a large job—and it’s not one you want to schedule every few years because the repairs don’t hold up. You shouldn’t have to worry about repeated repairs for your pipes when you work with our professionals. We have the equipment and skills to fix pipes so they stay fixed.

However, there’s no such thing as a permanent repair that will never fail. When we perform pipe lining in Seattle, WA to fix your pipes, how long can you expect the repaired pipe to remain in good shape?

Pipe Lining Is a Long-Term Solution, Not a Quick Fix

Before we give you any specific numbers, we want to talk a bit about what pipe lining actually does for a pipe. This isn’t a simple patch-up for a leaking or decaying pipe. Pipe lining, which is also called cured in place piping (CIPP), is almost like doing a rebuild of a pipe from the inside. A liner with an outside layer of epoxy is carried inside the leaking or damaged pipe and then expands to seal along the interior of the older pipe. CIPP can be done in a small area or can be used for the entire length of the pipeline. This is effectively a way of rehabilitating the pipe.

Pipe lining is a fast service—our technicians can do most jobs, no matter how large, in under a day. And it doesn’t involve digging to reach the pipe! The work is done laterally so your property is left almost undisturbed.

Pipe Lining Can Last 50 Years or More

Most pipe lining is insured for 50 years, so that should give you an idea of how long you can expect to have the new lining in the pipe to last. The warranty covers 50 years, but the lining can last longer than this, even to around a hundred years. This is basically doubling the lifespan of the pipeline that was already in place.

Pipe Bursting Has Similar Longevity

CIPP isn’t the only way we can repair a damaged pipe. Instead of putting in a liner that seals along the inside of the older pipe, we can slide a new pipe inside the older one and then use a burster to expand the new pipeline outward to replace the older pipeline by shattering it. This service is useful for smaller diameter pipes, which aren’t as well suited to CIPP. The new pipe also has a 50-year warranty and a similar lifespan expectancy.

Which One Is Better?

This isn’t a situation where you have to worry about making a choice. Our technicians will determine which of the two is right for your situation after making an evaluation. Both have similar advantages (non-invasive, fast, long-lasting) and can be used with a range of pre-existing piping materials.

This isn’t a service you can find just anywhere! Not all contractors are equipped to handle pipe lining and pipe bursting. The service requires special trenchless technology and the training to use it. We’re the local piping experts who can take care of your trenchless piping service.

Insta-Pipe offers pipe lining and other pipe services to Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region. Schedule service with our professionals.

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