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How Can UV Light Help With Sewer Line Repair?

sewer-line-repairIn the past, you’ve heard us discuss CIPP, or cured in place pipe, as a sure-fire method of sewer leak repairs. It’s an effective means of covering underground pipe repair without having to dig up the pipe. UV light, or ultra-violet light, can actually aid in that process considerably.

What Is CIPP?

Cured in place piping involves running a length of “instant” pipe down the length of the ruptured one, then expanding it until it presses against the sides of the burst pipe and sealing it in place. In most cases, epoxy is coated on the outside of the new pipe so that it will bond to the old pipe. As a result, the leak is sealed and the operation is conducted with only a fraction of the time and costs involved. There’s no digging, which means you don’t need to rent any expensive construction equipment or extra workers to get the job done.

The system works very well, but there is a potential hitch. The epoxy is distributed through an applicator, and water or steam is then deployed to harden it in place. It has certain specific requirements to work — the piping needs to be reasonably thick, for example, and steam or water is used to facilitate the hardening process. In most cases, that can work just fine, and the resulting pipe will do an excellent job. But sometimes, the quality of the resulting pipe needs to be higher than normal, and when that happens, a little extra must be involved. Enter the UV-CIPP process.

How It Works

UV-CIPP operations start out the way any other CIPP operation would. The replacement pipe is slid into the length of the line and inflated. The difference is that a second layer of an applicator is added, instead of just one.  The liquid epoxy is housed between the two layers of applicators. Once it is in place, a UV application device — essentially a series of UV lights on wheels — is rolled down the pipe. That cures the epoxy and causes it to harden. The inner layer of the applicator is then cut away, revealing the new CIPP pipe ready to go.

What Are the Benefits?

UV-CIPP operations provided a number of benefits that other types of cured in place piping don’t. In the first place, the resulting pipe is much thinner than other types of pipe. That means that flow through the pipe is smoother and there’s less of a risk of clogs developing. In addition, UV-CIPP results in firmer pipes that can withstand stress and press better than others. That’s not always a big concern — underground pipes don’t have to endure the same stressors and damage that above-ground pipes do — but when it is, a UV-CIPP operation delivers a lot of longevity and durability for your money.

For top-notch UV-CIPP operations or any serious piping issues in the Tacoma, WA area, call on the friendly technicians at Insta-Pipe today. We’ll go over your options with you and present the best methods for dealing with your issue!

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