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You Can Fix That Older Pipe With Slip-Lining

degraded-pipesHow do you repair a buried sewer line or water main line? Do you call up a standard plumber and ask if they can dig down to the pipe and patch it up, or maybe put in a new one? This is what many people do, whether they’re homeowners or business owners. But it’s not the best way to take care of repairs for older pipes. You don’t need a “plumber,” somebody who mostly works with indoor pipes, when it comes to working on a sewer or water main. You need a pipe repair and replacement technician with the skill, experience, and equipment necessary for trenchless slip-lining services.

We’re a contractor offering sewer pipe lining in Seattle, WA and throughout Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region. We use trenchless slip-lining for fast repairs to pipes.

What Is Slip-Lining?

Think of slip-lining as a way to repair a pipe from within, and also take care of the wide-spread damage and defects present in older pipes, with a single repair job. Patching up old pipes is time-consuming and not terribly effective, and replacing the entire pipe can be prohibitively expensive. Slip-lining is a “whole-pipe” solution that’s also cost-effective.

To slip-line a pipe, our technicians access the ends of the pipe, which may require digging small holes, but no larger excavation work. Using hydraulics, we draw a line, aka carrier pipe, through the older pipe. This liner then inflates and attaches with epoxy to the interior of the aging and damaged pipe. We then secure the liner and splice it into the rest of the piping system. This gives an old pipe a new lease on life: the liners can last half a century or more. The liner creates a smoother interior allowing for better water flow. It only takes a short time for our professionals to complete the job, and at the end your pipe is not only repaired in each spot—it’s restored!

When Slip-Lining Isn’t the Answer

Slip-lining isn’t always the best approach for older pipes. There are cases, such as pipes made from outdated materials like galvanized steel, where the right technique is a complete replacement. We can do this job without tearing up property to reach the pipe. Our process of pipe-bursting resembles slip-lining, except the liner placed into the pipe is a replacement for the pipe. Once we’ve set the new pipe into place inside the older one, we expand the pipe so it shatters the older one and takes its place. This costs more than doing slip-lining repair, but it’s less expensive than the digging methods you’re probably familiar with—and it won’t create massive property disruptions.

Reminder: not all contractors offer trenchless pipe repair. But trenchless is our job! We provide trenchless repair and replacement services for residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and military clients. We can inspect your pipes and determine the best and fastest solutions to your repair concerns. Get in touch with us today to arrange for service or consultation.

Arrange for pipe repairs with the experts. Insta-Pipe serves Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region.

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