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Can Hydro-Jetting End Up Damaging My Pipes?


One of the best methods available today for cleaning sewer lines and drainpipes is the hydro-jetter. The process of hydro-jetting is now the preferred way to eliminate clogging in pipes and prevent future clogging issues. Hydro-jetting is available for any type of piping system: there are small hydro-jetters that are effective on the pipes for residential homes, and there are powerful hydro-jetters that can handle the entire length of a sewer line for a massive industrial facility. Our technicians who handle sewer repair in Vancouver, WA and the surrounding areas have the best hydro-jetting equipment to handle any service our customers in the area might need.

Our customers, however, want to make sure they’re getting work that not only does the job of cleaning and unclogging their pipeline but which also won’t harm the pipes. Many customers can tell horror stories about an improper service done on their pipes which inflicted serious damage—does hydro jetting pose a similar threat?

Hydro-Jetting Is Safe for Pipes—In the Right Hands

A hydro-jetter works on a basic principle: blasts of high-pressure water are powerful enough to scour away almost any type of build-up inside pipes. It’s far healthier for pipes to use water than to apply potentially corrosive chemicals or use in larger mechanical rooters. A hydro jetter places a supply of water under high pressure, then sends it out through a directional nozzle at the end of a hose inserted into the pipeline, blasting away clogs and other obstructions.

Is there a potential danger to this? Yes, since at extremely high pressure, a water stream can be powerful enough to cut through metal. High-pressure water is sometimes used to cut metal in industrial applications.

This might at first sound scary—what if hydro-jetting ripped open holes in your plumbing? It is a possibility. But it’s also one that almost never happens. The only way that hydro jetting could pose a threat to the sewer lines or water mains in your home, business, or facility would be if the people handling the service selected a hydro jetter far too powerful for the job. The only people who would make such a mistake are amateurs who aren’t licensed to work in hydro-jetting.

Since you never want to hire amateurs for any service, consider professional hydro-jetting as the safest possible choice for your pipe cleaning and unclogging needs.

Benefits Galore

We’ve seen the benefits of hydro-jetting at work on numerous jobs. We know it’s a great tool, and we make sure our customers receive top quality service. Hydro-jetting is fast, thorough, environmentally friendly, consistent, and cost-effective. All our technicians have extensive training and access to the finest in cleaning and repair tools, and they are experienced with on residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and military applications.

If hydro-jetting isn’t the right tool for your sewer line and water mains, we’ll find the best solution. Trust us with all your cleaning, repair, and replacement work for your piping.

Insta-Pipe provides piping service to Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region. Call us today to schedule the service your home, business, or facility needs.

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