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Can All Contractors Offer Sewer Pipe Lining?

question-mark-badgeYour home, business, or facility almost certainly has a sewer line to connect it to the municipal sewer system. Keeping this line in good repair is essential—and if it should suffer from cracks and leaks, the best way to have it fixed is with sewer pipe lining from a professional contractor.

Sewer pipe lining is the best way to handle repairs for a sewer line, or improvements to an older line to prevent future repairs. The job doesn’t require digging to expose the sewer line. Instead, the contractors slide a liner, also called a carrier pipe into the sewer line and use hydraulics to draw and set it into place. The carrier pipe is then inflated to fill up the old pipe and create a new lining on the interior that repairs the sewer line. This work not only fixes problems from leaks, cracks, and tree roots, it improves flow for high efficiency. It also takes care of all leaks with a single repair, rather than trying to patch up multiple cracks.

No, not every contractor does this

If you look around under “plumbers” to find someone to handle fixing your sewer pipe with pipe lining, you’ll probably end up disappointed. Plumbers are often only equipped to handle interior pipes and don’t have the equipment necessary for full sewer line repair services. Trenchless technology is necessary to do this work. You need to find an actual pipe lining contractor, not a plumber, for the job.

Preferably, look for a contractor with experience on all sizes of pipe lining, from homes to industrial facilities. This ensures working with a contractor who has access to the right equipment, a range of materials for pipe lining, and the experience to have the work done accurately and on time. The sewer line isn’t a part of your home or facility you want to fail on you!

We offer sewer pipe lining and full UV cure service

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of locating a decent contractor to handle your sewer pipe lining in Tacoma, WA, the easiest route is to come directly to us. We are a trustworthy local contractor offering comprehensive residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and military pipe lining and pipe replacement services. We use only the best technology and material.

For example, we offer UV cure CIPP (cured in place pipe) services. These pipes are stronger than standard CIPP while also being thinner, which means reduced flow restriction and greater resiliency. In fact, putting in CIPP for a sewer line may even increase flow capacity.

This is only one of the options we provide for pipe lining. We’re experienced at finding what the right solution is for any job, no matter the size of the job, and we use the finest in trenchless technology to get the work done. We also have superb inspection equipment that lets us know what type of tools and materials to use so that you end up with the right job done, and done fast.

Schedule your sewer pipe lining work with the comprehensive contractor for Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region: Insta-Pipe.

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