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Call Professional Piping Services for Slip Lining Repairs

sewer-pipe-trenchlessProblems with your outdoor pipes can be a tough proposition for a number of reasons. They’re buried underground in most cases, and getting to them to repair a leak can take a long time. Or at least it used to. In the past, you needed to rent construction equipment and hire extra workers to unearth the pipe, repair the leak and bury it again.  (It can be difficult in the best of times, and our frequently rainy weather doesn’t make the process any easier.)

But those days are gone. These days, piping technicians can take care of the problem in a fraction of the time and without needing to rent expensive construction equipment either. Slip lining technology and other forms of trenchless technology can make for fast and effective repairs when applied by trained professionals. If you suspect problems with your sewer line or other outdoor pipe, slip lining repairs may be the answer.

It Starts with an Inspection

Before trenchless technology, piping technicians needed to make educated guesses about the location and extent of the leak they needed to repair. Today, we use video pipe inspection: cameras as small and the ones on your cell phone sent down the pipe. That gives us an unprecedented look at the inside of the piping, allowing us to pinpoint the exact spot of the leak. It can also give us an excellent idea of what may have caused it and how far the damage has spread.

Slip Lining Solves the Problem

Slip lining isn’t the best solution for every leak in your piping, but it works quite well in a large number of circumstances. It uses what’s called a carrier pipe, which is slid into the leaking pipe and inflated like a balloon once it’s in position. Epoxy coated on the outside will seal it into place, leaving it able to withstand the pressures placed on it quite easily.

The results seal not only a single weak spot, but any other leaks that may be on the line, as well as bolstering still-intact portions of the pipe that may have suffered from corrosion. The protection can extend for the entire length of pipe, and yet it costs just a fraction of what it would if you needed to replace the pipe completely.

And as we said earlier, it eliminates the need to dig: cutting down on the cost even further and allowing the entire operation to be performed in a very short amount of time. It even spares you landscaping fees, since digging can turn your yard into a terrible mess and require a lot more work to set right. That, in turn, makes the daunting task of repairs a sewer line leak much easier, and get resolve a serious issue for your home quickly and effectively.

If you suspect your sewer line, or any other outdoor plumbing line in your Tacoma, WA home has leaks, and you think slip lining is an effective solution, call the friendly professionals at Insta-Pipe to get it resolved!

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