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Why We Recommend Hydro-Jetting for Sewer Lines

hydro-jetting-sewerOne of the then many jobs we handle at Insta-Pipe is hydro-jetting to clean sewer lines. No homeowner, business owner, or facility manager wants to think much about the sewer line (it’s hard to blame them), but they know that if anything goes wrong with the sewer line, the consequences are huge. A home becomes unlivable, a business has to be shuttered due to code violations, etc. The most common sewer trouble is clogging, which proper sewer cleaning can both fix and prevent.

Hydro-jetting is one of several methods to fix clogs and clean sewer lines. The most prominent of the other methods is using drain augers, a.k.a. drain snakes or rooters, that send rotating wires and drill heads down into the pipes. We recommend hydro-jetting for sewer line unclogging and cleaning; we’ve used this method for years and stay up to date with the latest advances, and we’ve seen for ourselves why they’re so beneficial. Below are some of the reasons we recommend hydro-jetting.

Thorough and effective

When it comes to getting rid of clogs, a hydro-jetter will get the job done fast and effectively. High-pressure water is blasted out from a nozzle at the end of the hose sent down into the sewer line. The pressure is strong enough (the water comes out at anywhere from 3,000 to 8,000 psi) to break through any obstruction in the sewer line, including tree roots. The process is also thorough, covering the whole interior of the pipe, and this is why hydro-jetting is great for regular cleaning—it removes all the debris from the sewer pipe walls through a complete scouring. When the cleaning is done thoroughly, it helps prevent problems in the long-term because it’s hard for buildup to start again.

Longer-term savings

You may think that because hydro-jetting is a more expensive process (although not much more), it can’t be a money saver. However, in the long term, you will have fewer sewer line issues and fewer service calls for problems. That’s not only saving money, but that’s also saving you time and stopping major headaches.

Safe and environmentally friendly

Hydro-jetting doesn’t send debris flying around as it works, which snaking can. It keeps a home or facility clean while the work is being done. The hydro-jetting is also less likely to cause damage to the inside of the sewer line. And because hydro-jetting is using nothing except water—no chemicals—it won’t harm the environment.

It’s easily available

All you have to do is call us! Hydro-jetting is versatile and can work in almost any application in any size of building or facility. Our equipment and technicians can put hydro-jetting to work for anyone.

When you are looking to schedule sewer line services in Olympia, WA for your residential, commercial, or industrial building, you can trust our experience and equipment to get the job done right. We can handle hydro-jetting for sewer lines for every type of building or facility, from a single-family home to large municipal installations.

Schedule service with us today: Insta-Pipe provides pipe services to Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region.

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