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What Are Force Main Inspections?

push-camA properly working sewer system is essential for a building. Any failure in the sewer pipes at carrying away wastewater not only risks sewage odors and even sewage itself backing up into the building, but it creates a major health hazard. For commercial and industrial building, sewer line problems can mean code violations and shuttered operations.

Many commercial and industrial buildings use a special type of sewer line system called a force main. Regular inspections of force mains are an important part of our business, and we want you to know how vital they can be if your facility uses them.

What Is a Force Main?

A force main is part of many commercial and industrial sewer systems. It’s a pressurized line that moves wastewater along when a standard gravity line won’t work because the sewage would have to travel against gravity (such as up a hill). Although sewer lines are usually installed to take advantage of gravity to move wastewater, the topography doesn’t always permit this. A force main uses pumps or compressors in a lift station to create the pressure to move the wastewater uphill to reach the sewer main or the septic tank. A force main can be made from a wide range of materials: steel, cast iron, asbestos cement, fiberglass reinforced epoxy pipe, or plastic.

Inspecting Force Mains

Regular inspections of force mains are critical. We recommend you have regular maintenance for all of your commercial/industrial plumbing system. But with force mains, the high pressure in the pipes and the powerful mechanical equipment means they are at a higher danger of failure if they aren’t given routine checks. If your facility uses force mains, we recommend having inspections each year.

When you work with us to handle force main inspections, our experts will pay special attention to a number of factors:

  • Vibrations that could be causing damage. The compressor’s motor could cause too much movement along the pipe
  • Unusual noises when the compressor is working
  • Leaks along the pipe and at pipe joints
  • Leaks around the valves or valve damage
  • The rate of discharge of the pump and the pump speed
  • Blockage and build-up

We use the best force main inspection equipment for the job. For example, we use the listening technology of SmartBall to pick up on gas and leaks. We can then pinpoint the precise location of the problem and then use the data to make the best choice about how to repair the issue—fast and with the least disruption to your business. (SmartBall makes it possible to do the job while the force main is in operation, so you can have us do it at any time.)

You can count on our experts for your sewer repair in Tacoma, WA, no matter the size of your facility, no matter the type of equipment and piping that connects your building to the municipal sewer system. We use the full range of tools and technology available to make each job go fast, smoothly, and deliver the results you need.

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