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Using Point Repair to Fix Damaged Sewer Lines

sewer-manhole-coverOne of the most important jobs we do for our many customers is sewer repair in Seattle, WA. We work with sewer lines of all sizes and serve many different types of buildings and facilities: single family homes, industrial and commercial buildings, and military and municipal facilities.

Repairing a damaged sewer line isn’t something we do by using one method. When we take on a job, we first have to discover the exact issue with the sewer line and determine the best way to resolve it—fast and effectively. We don’t want our customers to end up with poor work that will fail in only a few months. We offer permanent solutions.

The Point Repair

The point repair is the most basic type of sewer line repair, and it can be put to use for any size and type of pipeline. We use point repair when a sewer line has suffered damage to only a small area, leading to leaks for blockage, rather than situations where a significant part of the pipeline has cracked or broken, or where the line is deteriorating from age. If we discover that we can fix your building’s sewer line using point repair, it’s good news!

This doesn’t mean point repair is an easy job, however. It’s smaller in scope than a replacement or full pipe lining, but it requires precision. The first part of any point repair is using the best inspection equipment to locate the leak or other damage that needs to be fixed. We have push-cams and other video equipment that allows us to look at a sewer line from inside and pinpoint exactly where to focus our efforts.

Once our technicians have the exact location down, they put a special carrier into the pipe, which moves an epoxy mixture of resin and fiberglass. This is similar to the material used for cured-in-place piping jobs. The carrier moves to the damage location and inflates to press the epoxy mixture along the pipe walls and seal over the damaged spot. The epoxy hardens, creating a shell inside the sewer line that repairs the pipe and leaves a smooth surface behind that won’t create resistance.

It takes a few hours for the epoxy to harden, after which our technicians draw the carrier out of the sewer pipe. Once that is done, the pipe will be back to its original condition and you won’t notice anything different. We can perform the entire job without having to do any digging on your property, so it’ll be like we were never there—except you no longer have problems from a damaged sewer line!

Arranging for Point Repair

You don’t need to worry about the different technologies we use or what method is best for fixing sewer line problems. It’s our task to find the ideal solution. We won’t overdo it and try to do a full pipe replacement if we don’t think it’s warranted. If point repair is all the sewer line needs to be restored to 100% effectiveness, that’s what we’ll do, saving you time and money.

Insta-Pipe serves Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region. Schedule service for sewer line repairs with us.

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