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Troubles Sewer Pipe Lining Can Solve

hydro-jetting-cleaning-pipe-diagramThe sewer line is a pipe almost all buildings have connected to them. From a small house to a large government structure, sewer pipes are a necessary part of basic hygiene in buildings—and trouble in the sewer line can bring life to a complete halt until the problem is solved.

Those problems can be large leaks along the pipe, tree root infiltration, breakage, corrosion, and clogging. The best way to solve them isn’t what might first spring to mind: large digging equipment tearing open asphalt, a lawn, or concrete slabs to reach the damaged sewer line. Thanks to pipe lining, which is trenchless technology, we can fix many sewer pipe problems with little to no digging at all.

Let’s take a look at pipe lining in action as it deals with various problems.

Sealing Up a Leaking Sewer Line

Once our technicians have figured out that the issue is large leaks (they’ll use special camera equipment to make the diagnosis), they’ll know how much pipe lining is necessary. Using a method called slip lining, we send a “carrier line” down into the pipe, which we can access through the clean-out, rather than digging to get to the pipe. The liner is laid through the sewer line, and then inflated until it seals along the interior of the pipe and effectively becomes the new pipe inside. It will close up all the leaks at once. This lining can last for 50 years or more, making it a long-term solution that doesn’t require having to replace the entire sewer line.

Tree Root Infiltration

Tree roots grow toward areas rich in nutrients, and unfortunately, that means they’ll head for nearby sewer lines. The roots will grow into the pipe, which can block it or exert enough pressure to cause it to break. Fixing this problem usually starts with using hydro-jetting to blast away the roots that have already gotten into the pipe. After that, our team can use slip lining to close off the gaps where the roots have entered and repair the pipe.

Major damage to the pipe

If a sewer line has extensive breaks along it, or it has started to corrode, we may advise you to take the next step beyond slip lining. We may recommend CIPP (cured-in-place piping). This is a trenchless technique where the lining we send in is used to ­replace the old sewer line rather than repair it. CIPP creates a new pipe within the old one, and it can be used for the whole sewer line or only for specific parts of it. Our team will make sure you have the exact service you need to address the sewer line troubles for your building.

We are the piping contractor to call for sewer pipe lining in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding areas. We have more than 25 years of experience providing comprehensive trenchless pipe repair services to clients of all types.

Schedule sewer pipe lining with us! Insta-Pipe offers piping service for the residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and military sectors throughout Western Washington and the Puget Sound area.

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