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Sewer Line Repairs for Your Home: How to Detect Them Early

trenchless-ewer-repairWe handle piping services of all sizes, including jobs for military installations and large industrial buildings. But we’re also great at handling work for homeowners. You may not think you need major piping work, but problems with your sewer line are unfortunately a possibility. Many homes in the area have old sewer lines made of outdated material that’s starting to decay.

As soon as you think you have a sewer line issue, such as a leak or blockage, contact us for sewer line repair in Seattle, WA, and we’ll bring the best technology to have the job done fast, accurately, and with minimal disruption to your daily life or your property.

The Early Warning Signs

You don’t want to wait for a huge sewage back-up in your home before you know you’ve got sewer line troubles. Are there early signs that might tell you something is wrong? Yes, and we’re going to go over a few of them.

Numerous clogged or slow drains

When a single drain is clogged up in your house, it’s probably a blockage in the drainpipe. When multiple drains begin to clog up or drain slowly, it’s warning you that the problem is much deeper in the sewage system. Be especially cautious if the first drains to experience problems are in the lowest parts of the house—this almost certainly means something is wrong in the sewer line.

Bad odors from the drains

If a sewage line breaks or becomes blocked, the first thing pushed into your house won’t be sewage, but sewer gases. The gases will be forced up through the water in the p-traps of the drains and out into the living spaces of the house. Along with the odors, you may hear a gurgling sound from the drains, which is the gas percolating through the p-trap.

Water spots in the basement

The lowest part of a house is affected first by sewer line troubles. If you notice water spots around the drains in the basement, you’ll need to have a professional check on the line.

Soggy, bad smelling spots on the lawn

If sewage is escaping from the sewer line, it will rise to the surface of your lawn and garden and create foul-smelling, soggy patches. Call for assistance immediately when you detect this! You may also see brighter green areas of grass, which indicates a slower leak but is still something you want to be solved.

Professional Pipe Inspection and Repair

When you call us for help, we’ll use pushcams to inspect the inside of the sewer line, inserting the cameras through a clean-out into the pipeline. We can determine exactly what’s wrong: root infiltration, blockage, leaks, or decaying pipe. Once we’ve made the assessment, we can make the decision about what work needs to be done. We can repair the sewer pipe with slip-lining and cured-in-place piping, clean the line with hydro-jetting, or entirely replace the pipe with lateral techniques that don’t require us to dig up your property. We have numerous professional certifications and the best cutting-edge equipment to do the job.

Insta-Pipe offers residential plumbing services throughout Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region. Schedule sewer line repairs with us.

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