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Regular Sonde Location Services Protect Your Sewer Line

sewer-workersThe sewer line is an essential component of any building or facility. If the building has pipes, it must have at least one sewer line to remove the collected wastewater and transport it to a central sewer line that removes it to a waste treatment plant. This applies to homes, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, municipal buildings, and military facilities.

You probably have a sewer line that you need to protect. It might be the line for your family home, or it could be a critical part of facility you own and operate. Whatever type of sewer line you have, we strongly recommend regular sonde location services to protect it and catch repair issues early. You can call our experts for the sewer services in Tacoma, WA that you need, no matter the size or extent of the job. We use the best technology, including sonde locating.

What is “sonde locating”?

Sonde location is a type of radiolocation that’s used to pinpoint the location and condition of buried pipes. Sondes are self-contained radio transmitters a few inches long and shaped like a pill.

A flexicord inserts a sonde into a pipe system. The sonde travels through the underground pipe and emits a radio signal that surface equipment can pick up and track with precision. There are many different types of sondes that can be used for a range of pipe sizes and specific jobs.

Why is this beneficial?

Sonde locating is the best current technology available for inspecting a sewer line. Not only is the sonde able to track the path of a buried sewer line, no matter how deep into the ground it is buried, it detects blockages and breaks. If the sonde stops in its progress—there’s a problem. The location of the problem can then be rapidly determined from above ground so the technicians can access the area fast and with minimal disruption.

This is a faster and more accurate process than standard video camera pipe inspection equipment. Our experts use these tools as well when necessary. But when it comes to fast regular inspections for sewer lines, the sonde is a more precise device that speeds up the process of determining if something is wrong and exactly where it is.

Isn’t sonde locating only for when I know there’s a sewer line problem?

It’s definitely one of the best tools around for whenever you have a sewer line block or break. But sonde locating is also an excellent preventive tool. Because you want sewer line issues caught long before you have a problem such as sewage backing up into your house or a health code violation in your food service company, we recommend you schedule sonde locating every few years.

You can trust to our sewer and pipeline experts to have the inspection done quickly. We can give you a detailed report and offer advice—as well as further services—if we do find sewer line problems that must be corrected. Our point repair, slip-lining, hydro-jetting and pipe bursting services will ensure that any sewer line work is completed and your home, business, or facility protected.

Summon the sewer lines service team that can do the job: Insta-Pipe serves Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region, and we work with residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and military jobs.

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