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Putting the Pushcam to Use in Sewer Repair

industrial-sewer-lineA broken or clogged sewer line—that’s not a problem any homeowner wants to encounter. If you imagine that the repair work will involve huge digging machines to tear open your property to fix the problem that’s brought your home life to a standstill, we have good news for you: not all sewer and drain repair professionals use such outdated excavation techniques. Our technicians have the best pushcams to make repairing a sewer line faster, cleaner, and more effective—without digging!

What Exactly Is a Push-Cam?

The pushcam is a piece of technology that is used in many different industries and many different applications. Along with its use in residential sewer repair that we’re looking at here, the pushcam is also useful for commercial and industrial HVAC, the oil and gas industry, food services, and industrial and municipal sewer and drain inspections.

A push-cam consists of a digital video recorder and a push rod. A miniaturized digital camera is attached to the end of the push rod alongside a powerful LED light. The rod can be long enough to permit the inspection of the complete length of industrial sewer lines, but for residential sewer repair, it won’t need to reach that far. The pushcam goes down the sewer line and creates a closed-circuit television that the inspector can watch through the DVR screen. This gives the inspector a close look at the interior of the pipeline—a view that would be impossible without the push-cam technology.

How This Helps With Sewer Repair

Before the creation of the miniaturized CCTV and the pushcam able to send them down far into sewer lines, investigating a sewer line for repairs involved digging down to reach the pipe. This consumed time, disrupted property, and involved too much guesswork—and that all added up to a larger expense to fix the problem (if there even was one).

The pushcam simplifies the entire process. The technicians save time, since they only have to insert the pushcam down a clean-out or other drain opening to access the interior of the pipe. The work can be done more accurately: the technicians know exactly what kind of damage they’re dealing with (corrosion, breaks, tree-root infiltration), where the damage is, and the best way to fix it. The process is fast, taking up about an hour rather than a whole day or more. Finally, it gives assurances to the customer, who can view the video recording themselves to see what the problem is and later to ensure that it’s been fixed correctly.

Arrange for Any Sewer Repair Service You Need

Our expert sewer line service team uses the best in pushcam technology as well as other cutting-edge equipment for our clients. We not only serve residential customers, but also commercial and industrial. We are a comprehensive pipe service company with professional certifications. We can make your sewer repair in Tacoma, WA as painless as possible for you, and we’ll do the job right. We back up our work with a one-year guarantee on product and labor for most projects.

Find the sewer services you need. Insta-Pipe serves Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region.

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