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How to Recognize a Problem with Your Drain and Sewer System

sewer-pipe-trenchlessWe get it: Once the water goes down the drain, you don’t give it another thought. And most of the time, you don’t need to.

When problems do occur with drains and sewer lines, though, you’ll want to address them as soon as possible. Otherwise, repair costs and the chances of health-related hazards can significantly increase.

Based on our experience, these are the most common signs your drain and sewer system needs prompt, professional attention.  

Common Drain and Sewer System Problems

Most drain and sewer system problems fall into two categories: blockages and leaks. Depending on where these occur, however, the cause of the problem, as well as the solution, can vary.

1. Sewage Backup

If sewage backs up consistently in the lowest drain in your house – especially if you’re not actually using it – this is the most obvious sign of a main sewer line blockage as opposed to being specific to just that one drain.

In addition, if this continues to occur even after having a line cleaned out, it could indicate the presence of tree roots which are growing back.

2. Sewage Smell

Except for the vents on your home’s roof which allow sewage to transfer into the main sewer line, sewer pipes should always be airtight. The smell of sewage in or around your house means you have a break or leak in a sewer line.

3. Mold

There are some types of mold which require over 50% humidity to grow. If you have a leak in pipes behind a wall, one sign could be the presence of mold on walls or ceilings, especially when accompanied by a sewage smell.

4. Green Grass and Soggy Lawn

Everyone wants a green lawn. If you have excessively lush grass, however, over or around your sewer line, that likely indicates you have a leak. (After all, raw sewage is a great fertilizer.)

Also related to this issue is the sudden appearance of soggy spots or indentations in the ground which can be caused by pooling sewage under your yard.

5. Rodents and Insects

Rats and mice live in city sewer lines and can gain access to the pipes in your house. If you find yourself with a rodent problem you’ve never had before, they could be entering your home through cracks in pipes in the walls.

This can also be the case with unexpected cockroach infestations. Both rodents and insects can spread serious diseases, so if you have these issues, it’s paramount to have your sewer lines inspected to find and repair these points of entry as soon as possible.

Your Next Steps

In the past, sewer line problems usually involved digging up people’s yards to figure out which sections of pipe needed to be fixed. Thanks to advances in technology this is no longer the case.

Today, after contacting your local pipe experts, we use miniature cameras which travel through pipes to find leaks and blockages, and inflatable slip linings can also be inserted to fix leaks from the inside.

Get help with your sewer problems with a professional sewer inspection in Seattle, WA from Insta-Pipe!

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