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Pipe Bursting Can Rescue Sewer Lines

trenchless-sewer-repairThe term “burst pipe” is an intimidating one. Homeowners, building managers, and anyone else in charge of a facility will immediately think of a water pipe splitting open from pressure (often due to a frozen pipe) and creating a serious catastrophe.

But there’s a positive type of pipe bursting—it’s the type we use for sewer repair in Lacey, WA. It’s one of the major trenchless repair techniques we use to help take care of the most serious pipeline damage and for replacement of older sewer lines.

Pipeline Bursting and Other Types of Sewer Line Repairs

If you look under our “Insta-Repair” menu on our website, you’ll see multiple options listed, such as slip-lining and point repair. What is the difference between these techniques and pipe bursting?

All of these techniques are similar in that they use trenchless technology. This is lateral boring technology that allows technicians to approach sewer line repair (or repairs to any buried pipe) from the sides, rather than digging down to it with a massive trench. That not only means a cleaner job without the eyesore of tearing up property around a building, but it’s also less labor-intensive and time-consuming, which saves money.

The difference between slip-lining/point repair and pipe bursting is that the first use cured-in-place piping (CIPP) to place a two-part epoxy-lined seal along the inside of the pipe to seal up holes and rehabilitate the pipe. With pipe bursting, the entire pipeline is replaced.

This is done by sending a bursting head through the old pipe, which draws a new pipe along with it. A hydraulic device placed at the end of the pipe (the only digging necessary is usually done here to place the device) pulls the bursting head along with the new pipe. The bursting head splits and bursts the old piping material and expands out the soil to give enough room for the new pipeline. The new pipeline is then attached at both ends, completing the process.

Will This Work for All Types of Sewer Lines?

Although we can’t tell—on a blog post at least—if pipe bursting is the ideal solution to your sewer line issues, we can tell you that we have the equipment available to handle any diameter of sewer line for pipe bursting. We offer complete piping services for all sizes and types of buildings: residential, commercial, municipal, military, and industrial.

When you call us for help with sewer line trouble, we’ll use the best equipment to investigate the problem, such as push-cams, and identify exactly what service is the right one. We can provide you with an estimate of the cost of the available solutions and which one we think will best solve the problem. You may only need a small patch fixed with cured-in-place piping, or perhaps need the more extensive sealing of slip-lining, which extends the length of the pipe. If it’s time to replace the sewer line, we’ll recommend pipe bursting.

Insta-Pipe serves Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region with piping from residential to industrial. Schedule service today to restore your sewer line.

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