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Do You Need … The Ambient Cure?

wall-clockIt’s a dramatic title, but ambient cure is an alternative form of cured in-place piping (CIPP) for underground sewer line repair and other types of buried pipe repairs. The usual way that cured in-place piping is done is with an epoxy that seals the pipeliner onto the damaged area of pipe and then exposes the epoxy to heat to rapidly harden it. We often use this method on jobs to handle repairs for large, long diameter pipes. It’s an effective way to approach many commercial, industrial, and municipal jobs.

But this method does use a large amount of water and it takes extra time. This is why there’s the alternative of using ambient cure CIPP—it doesn’t require any heat to set the epoxy, and it uses less equipment. The epoxy for ambient cure only takes about two to three hours to set, where standard CIPP methods require four to six hours for the cure to be complete.

Putting Ambient Cure CIPP to Use

Of course, if ambient cure was simply faster and used less equipment, it would be used for all pipeline repairs rather than other cured in-place piping that uses heat or UV lights. The reason ambient cure is an alternative rather than the main method is because it does have a few limitations, the main one being that it isn’t useful for larger diameter pipes or long pipe lengths. When you hire our experts for sewer repair in Vancouver, WA or other underground pipelining and pipe repairs services, we’ll help determine which of the various methods will do the best job, saving you the most time and money and providing the results you want.

What situations might call for ambient cure CIPP? We’ve listed the situations where ambient cure is often the best choice:

  • Cost Effectiveness: We won’t ever do a poor or “cheap” job for a customer. However, we know that sometimes cost is a priority, and if we can substitute ambient cure in a situation effectively and help you save money, we’ll take this option. We keep close communication with customers so we’ll know when cost is a concern.
  • Small Diameter Pipes: One of the limitations of ambient cure is that the larger the surface it’s applied over, the weaker it is likely to become. Using heat and UV lights allows for a different type of epoxy that can work over larger spaces. The ambient cure epoxy isn’t as strong, but will work for a smaller pipes.
  • Short Pipes: The small principal of “less space = better epoxy sealing” applies for short pipe lengths. We often use ambient cure CIPP for spot repairs in pipes, where only minor fixes need to be made. Ambient cure is powerful for making these spot repairs, and is less costly and time-consuming than going with heat epoxy methods.

The Experts With All the CIPP Methods You Need

We’re the local experts who can handle all manner of pipe repair, pipelining, and pipe replacement services. On every job, we assess the method that will work the best—and since we have the finest technology and equipment available, we can always find the perfect solution to match the needs of your home, business, industrial facility, military installation, or other building.

Insta-Pipe serves Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region. Call the pipelining experts for service today.

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