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Know the Warning Signs You Need Sewer Repair

trenchless-sewer-repairYou probably don’t need professionals to tell you that sewer repair in Seattle, WA is a job you’ll want to take care of as soon as possible. No matter if it’s the sewer line for your house or for a large industrial facility, if the line is damaged or blocked, it will bring everything to an unpleasant halt soon enough.

The trick is making sure you recognize the problem “soon enough” so you don’t end up with that unpleasant situation—an unlivable home, a shut-down business, a shuttered facility, etc. When you think you have a sewer repair issue, contact our team. We use the finest in trenchless repair and replacement technology to fix sewer lines quickly and with minimum disruption to property.

Below is a list of warning signs about sewer clogs, breaks, root infiltration, and other problems.

Sewer odors

Sewage systems are designed to prevent sewer gas from traveling back up drainpipes and out of drains as it naturally rises. If you notice sewer odors anywhere in your building, it can mean cracked sewer lines or blockage that is forcing the sewer gas back up the drains.

Drainage troubles

A single slow drain inside a building is usually a local clog or other small problem. When drains all around a facility are turning slow, the issue is probably a deeper one. If the sewer line is the source of the slow drainage, it will affect the drains in the lowest part of the building first.

Bright green patches on the grass around the property

The majority of sewer lines are buried in trenches on property. If the sewer pipe cracks and allows the nutrient-rich sewage to escape, it will rise to the surface and serve as extra fertilizer for the grass. Spots of brighter green vegetation on your property are a flashing sign of a busted sewer line below.

Septic waste on the property

This is connected to the above problem, although it’s even more urgent. Foul-smelling puddles on the property mean a major break in the sewer line below. This is an easy issue for most homeowners to recognize, but for larger properties, it may escape detection at first.


Do you suddenly have a problem with rats in your building where you never did before? Don’t just lay traps or call an exterminator—you may have a broken sewer line! Rats live in sewers and can squeeze through holes in broken sewer lines to get into buildings.


Sewage is a breeding ground for all types of unpleasant insects, like cockroaches and sewer gnats. As sewage starts to back up into a building because of a damaged line, these vermin may start to appear in the building. Pest control is only part of the solution when a broken sewage line is the source!

Broken or uneven hardscaping

When cracks appear on driveways, walkways, or other parts of the hardscaping around the building, it can indicate the ground settling beneath it as sewage saturates through the soil.

No matter how large the warning signs are, do not delay calling us for assistance. We’ll find out what’s wrong and have it fixed.

Insta-Pipe serves Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region with pipe services. Schedule an inspection for your sewer line today.

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