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If a Pipe Can Be Excavated, Is Trenchless Technology Needed?

sewer-line-repairWe often write about our trenchless technology services because they are the best way to handle sewer line and water line repairs and replacements. This is true for jobs small, large, and anywhere in between. Trenchless services work for single family homes, small businesses, large corporate buildings, industrial and military facilities, and municipal buildings. And yes, our team serves all of these sectors.

But there is still some confusion about when to use trenchless technology. Are there times when it’s better to rely on standard excavation methods, such as when a pipe isn’t buried too deep in the ground?

The answer is … trenchless technology can always be used, and it always should be used.

Excavation Doesn’t Have the Benefits of Trenchless Technology

No matter how “easy” it may be to reach a buried sewer or water line, taking the excavation route is always the worse choice compared to using trenchless methods for a number of reasons:

  • Excavation tears up your property and the digging must be re-landscaped afterward. The “wounds” from excavation will stay for months after the job is completed.
  • Digging to reach a pipe takes longer than approach it from it laterally (and in trenchless) because it requires moving large digging equipment onto the property to reach it. It’s much more a “brute force” approach rather than a fine technique that goes straight to the problem.
  • Because excavation takes longer, it is more labor intensive and therefore is more costly. Again, it doesn’t matter how shallow the pipe is, is just easier not to dig to reach it.

Trenchless Technology Is the Future

We do understand the confusion—people who aren’t familiar with trenchless technology assume that because it uses newer advances it might be more complex to perform rather than a “good, old fashioned” method like digging. However, trenchless technology has been around for decades. It’s not actually new, it’s only spread from civil engineering to other sectors recently with the easier availability of tools and training.

Not all piping companies have taken the time to adopt it, which is why it isn’t universal yet for handling underground pipe repair and replacement. Eventually, however, it will be the only method used because there is simply no place where excavation is the better technique.

Until trenchless pipe repair and replacement is universal, you’ll need to look for a piping company that specifically offers it. Insta-Pipe has the finest in trenchless equipment for use in any sector. We can take care of a small sewer repair in Puyallup, WA that patches up holes and gaps from the inside using cured-in-place piping. Or we can use slip-lining and pipe bursting to replace an entire sewer line or water line—all without having to tear up your property. The only digging we’ll need to do is a small hole near the property’s edge to attach hydraulic equipment—and we don’t always need to do that, either.

When you schedule your piping services with our team, we’ll find the right tools and the right approach to have the work done quickly, cost-effectively, and accurately.

Insta-Pipe serves Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region. Schedule trenchless pipe repair and replacement services with us.

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