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How Pipe Bursting Works

industrial-pipesOnce upon a time, handling sewer repairs was a messy and time-consuming task. It didn’t matter what size the job was: whether it was to fix the broken sewer line for a home or handling severe damage to an industrial plant’s sewer line, the job required extensive digging to reach the pipe sections in order to remove and replace them.

That’s not how it works today—or not if you call on the right professionals for your sewer repair in Kent, WA. Thanks to pipe bursting, the job can be done fast with little disruption—and that’s true for homes, commercial and industrial facilities, even military installations.

But What Is Pipe Bursting?

The name sounds a bit violent. This is one of those cases where breaking something is the best route! Because what pipe bursting literally does is break apart a damaged sewer line from within in order to clear the way for putting in a new pipeline to replace it. It’s all done laterally through trenchless technology, which requires almost no digging on the property.

Here’s an example of a pipe bursting job. Not all sewer repair jobs will go exactly the same way, but most will be close: Once the technicians have inspected the pipe to find how much work needs to be done (they’ll do this using special video inspection cameras), they’ll place a conical pipe-bursting head into the end of the pipe, usually from the facility side. The bursting head is connected to a pipeline that will become the replacement pipe. The burster moves through the old sewer line at high speed, placing powerful mechanical force along the inside of the line. This causes the old pipe to shatter, and the new pipeline flows right into place as it happens. All that needs to be done afterward is to attach the ends of the new pipeline to already existing pipes.

Pipe Bursting Is the Best Sewer Line Replacement Choice

Although pipe bursting isn’t the only way to repair a sewer line, it is the preferred way to handle repairs for an aging pipe or one that’s sustained significant enough damage that replacing it is the best option. Pipe bursting only takes a few hours for our trained experts to finish. It’s not a faster process than ripping up the ground on your property, but it’s also more cost-effective and safer. You won’t have to worry about landscaping the parts of the ground torn open. It’s also simple using pipe-bursting to place in a larger diameter pipe to increase flow.

Trenchless Technology at Your Service

Pipe bursting is only one of many different trenchless services that can benefit your outdoor pipes. Once our technicians have handled the inspection work, they can find the method that suits the problem. For example, for a smaller repair, they can use CIPP (cured-in-place piping) to send a small liner into the sewer line and seal up only the area needing it. You can trust us to deliver the exact work you need.

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