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The Different Types of Sewer Repair Choice—And the Best One

pipe-repairNo question about it, no need to debate—the sewer line is an essential part of the plumbing for any building, no matter if it’s a single-family home or an immense industrial facility. The sewer line is what connects the wastewater system of the building to the municipal sewer line. If the sewer line is damaged or clogged, it will rapidly lead to serious trouble. In the case of commercial and industrial buildings, it can lead to shuttering operations due to health code violations.

When you need sewer line repairs, there are a number of different options for how the contractor approaches the work. Below are the different types of sewer repairs.

ONE: Excavation

This is what people usually think of when they think of any type of repair for a buried pipeline. Digging equipment opens up a trench to access the pipe. Once the workers can get to the pipe, they can handle repairing the damage or removing the damaged section to replace it. This work usually takes most of a day or longer.

TWO: Cured-In Place Piping (CIPP)

This is one of several types of trenchless sewer pipe repair services, which means the technicians can approach repairs laterally to the sewer line and don’t need to dig down to reach it (although some small holes may need to be excavated in a few cases). Cured-in-place piping (CIPP) is repairs done by sending in a pipe liner into the sewer line on a carrier. The technicians first clean the sewer line, then send the liner to the spot needing repair. The liner adheres to the inside of the line and seals it up.

THREE: Pipe Bursting

This is a more extensive type of repair, where the sewer line is damaged enough to need to be replaced. Similar to CIPP, a pipe liner is put into place inside the sewer line. However, this liner runs the length of the damaged pipe. Instead of sealing it to the inside of the sewer line, a device is pulled through the liner that expands it and shatters the old pipe. The liner then becomes the new sewer line.

So which type is the best choice for sewer repair in Olympia, WA?

Well, it’s not Choice #1! Although you can find contractors who handle sewer line repairs with excavation methods, there isn’t any need to go this route when you can find a contractor who offers different trenchless methods. Trenchless sewer line repair and replacement is faster (less than a day to complete), less expensive, and won’t create massive disruptions on your property. You can contact us to schedule trenchless services for your sewer line and skip worrying about digging tactics.

As for whether to use CIPP or pipe bursting to fix the sewer line, this part of the job you can leave to us. We use special video inspection equipment to find out what amount of repair the line needs, and we’ll then choose the right method, whether it involves slip-lining to seal up a limited section or complete lining and pipe bursting to put in a new sewer line.

Insta-Pipe serves Western Washington and the Puget Sound Region. Arrange for residential, commercial, municipal, and other types of sewer repair with us.

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