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This is great; thank you! It was also great working with Insta-Pipe and have a Merry Christmas!

- Elizabeth, Project Engineer, Active Construction, Inc.

Things went well with your crew on Friday for the Shelton pipeline inspection.


- Adam Lyons, E.I.T Gray & Osborne, Inc.

Thanks very much, Randy - I appreciate your quick response and will share this with the buyers! Thank you, too, to your team for completing the lining now instead of the initially expected wait until May - you gave the buyers a huge sigh of relief. They appreciate you, and so do I!!!

- Erin Crawley, Real Estate Broker, Van Dorm Realty, Inc.

Thank you so much for making our sewer repair happen so quickly. Your team was wonderful. You may hear from some of our neighbors as we have passed your name to them.

Thanks again for our Christmas miracle!

- Virginia, Olympia

I want to let you know that Brett, the contact on the jobsite, was phenomenal to work with, even from a couple thousand miles away. He explained the whole process of getting that tie-in back in service and answered questions that I had to keep me informed, even late in the evening. I'm really impressed with your work and customer service. If I have any friends or family who need sewer work done in the greater Seattle area, I will definitely refer them to your wonderful company.

- Max

I’ve attached contact info for Randy Wilkinson of Insta-Pipe (formerly Pipe Experts) who I’ve used very successfully years ago at AFB. One of their trenchless systems may be a good option for the 8” sanitary sewer line repair.

- Jim Anderson

Thank you, everyone, for coming to our rescue on such short notice. We really appreciate your prompt and thorough attention to our little disaster, despite your scheduled training conflict. I'll be mailing out a check to you today. Thanks, again, and best regards.

- Bob and Kim Rylander

I started my firm less than one year ago and have had great experience with Insta-pipe in the past when I worked for KPFF. As a civil engineer working in Seattle, there are going to be so many pipes that need repair. You will definitely be hearing more from me.

- Rebekah W Red Barn Engineering

We will definitely recommend your company if asked for referrals.

- Kimberly Webster MVP Realty

Awesome, thank you. Your crew was great too. Thanks again for your help.

- Daniel Manship Seattle Center Plumbing Shop

I want to thank you again for knocking this one out so quickly for us. Everything went great your crew was awesome.

- John Marchitto Senior Civil Engineer Specialist

Big Difference. I’ll use this to bring you more business, Thank you for the good work

- Jodi Van Allman Better Properties & Real Estate

First and foremost, I was recommended to use Tumwater Insta-Pipe (randy and his team) by word of mouth from several other construction professionals around the South Sound Area. For this reason I chose to get one of three quotes for some work I needed for my sewer line repair. Randy's team came in the lowest. Not only is Insta-Pipe taking a cost leadership model, the product is differentiated by their amazing customer service. Randy worked with me and let me adjust my quote based upon the parts of the project i could do myself. I tried not to be very demanding and it was easy as this team spelled everything out, with no hidden fees and did not try to up-sell me on things I did not need. Nor did they overstates the urgency of the issue like the other crews that I brought in to conduct the quote.
I would highly recommend the Tumwater Insta-Pipe, Randy and his team are amazing. Go ahead and get other quotes, but I doubt anyone can beat their service. Way to Go! I would give them an 11 out of 10!

- Corey G.